1st Edition

Impacts and Influences Media Power in the Twentieth Century

Edited By James Curran, Anthony Smith, Pauline Wingate Copyright 1987
    358 Pages
    by Routledge

    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    Examines a variety of events and developments in twentieth-century British history - from the Boer war to the demise of the GLC. The historical perspective provides an illuminating understanding of the interaction between the media and evolving social and political processes. Together the chapters provide an original picture of the ways in which press, cinema, radio and television can be seen as having wielded power in the course of this century.

    Introduction; 1: Media and public opinion; Introduction; 1: Socialism and imperialism: the ILP press and the Boer War; 2: A world fit to live in: the Daily Mail and the middle classes 1918–39; 3: Rearmament and the British public: policy and propaganda; 4: Crusaders without chains: power and the press barons 1896–1951; 5: The boomerang effect: the press and the battle for London 1981–6; 2: Media and social control; Introduction; 6: The newsreels, public order and the projection of Britain; 7: Broadcasting and national unity; 8: Performing media events; 3: Media and gender; Introduction; 9: Media influence on the socialization of teenage girls; 10: Restyling masculinity: the impact of Boys from the Blackstuff; 4: Media and culture; Introduction; 11: Broadcasting culture: innovation, accommodation and routinization in the early BBC; 12: Audience research and the BBC in the 1930s: a mass medium comes into being; 13: The making of the British record industry 1920–64; 14: Narrative strategies in television science; Telecommunications and the fading of the industrial age: information and the postindustrial economy


    James Curran, Anthony Smith, Pauline Wingate