1st Edition

Impacts of Aids:Psych&Soc Aspe

By Catalan Copyright 1997
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    First Published in 1997. From the start of the HIV epidemic, the psychological and social aspects of the AIDS infection have been recognized. This volume contains a selection of key contributions to the discussion on the psychological and social implications of such infection.

    PREFACE /Jose Cataldn, Lorraine Sherr and Barbara Hedge -- ABOUT THE EDITORS -- NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS -- PREVENTION -- 1.Condom Use in Heterosexual Sex: A Review of Research 1985-1994 /Lenore Manderson, Lee Chang Tye and Kiruba Rajanayagam -- 2. Initiating and Maintaining Safer Sex: Evaluation of Group Work with Gay Men /Shamil Wanigaratne, Andrew Billington and Malcolm Williams -- 3.Utilising Peer Education and Target Group Empowerment to Induce Behaviour Change on a University Campus: "Projekt 6" at Lund University, Sweden /Gary Svenson, Kent Johnsson and Bertil S. Hanson -- 4.HIV /AIDS Education in the Workplace:"It's Not My Responsibility" /Karen Gadd and David Goss -- 5.Ten Years of AIDS Images in the Puerto Rican Press: 1983-1992 /Ineke Cunningham, Lynnette Rivera-Rodriguez, Sigfrido Steidel-Figueroa and Ernest L. Cunningham -- DRUGS -- 6.Drug Injecting and the Spread of HIV Infection in South-East Asia /Gerry V. Stimson -- 7.Network and Sociohistorical Approaches to the HIV Epidemic among Drug Injectors /Samuel R. Friedman, Alan Neaigus, Benny Jose, Richard Curtis, Marjorie Goldstein, Jo L. Sotheran, John Wenston, Carl A. Latkin and Don C. Des Jarlais 89 -- 8.Amphetamine Injecting Women and their Primary Partners: An Analysis of Risk Behaviour /Hilary Klee -- GENDER ISSUES -- 9.Recognizing and Countering the Psychological and Economic Impact of HIV on Women in Developing Countries /Catherine Hankins -- 10.Caregiving and the Natural Caregiver of the Person Infected with HIV /Mary Reidy -- 11.Children Born to Mothers with HIV /AIDS: Family Psycho-Social Issues /Robyn L. Salter Goldie, Dale J DeMatteo and Susan M. King -- 12.Young Women and HIV: The Role of Biology in Vulnerability /Mike Bailey -- 13.HIV Testing in the Antenatal Clinic: Setting up a Counselling and Testing Service /Jean Meadows, Tracey Chester, Paul Lewis and Jose Catalan -- CARE AND TREATMENT -- 14.Bridging the Gap between Science and AIDS Service Provision Edward King -- 15. Nurse-Counsellors' Perceptions Regarding HIV /AIDS Counselling Objectives at Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto /Joanne Stein, Malcolm Steinberg, Cliff Allwood, Alan Karstaedt and Pierre Brouard -- 16.A Family System Approach for Community Health Nursing: Balancing the Complexity of Family HIV /AIDS Care with Human Compasssion and Moral Agency /Amandah Lea -- 17. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection in the Brain: Pathological and Clinical Features /Ian P. Everall -- 18. Ethical Dilemmas for Psychiatrists: Assisted Suicide in AIDS /Alexandra Beckett -- 19.HIV Infection in Psychiatric Inpatients /Jose L. Ayuso-Mateos, Ismael Lastra Martinez, Francisco Montafies, Rada and Juan J. Picazo de la Garza -- INDEX.


    Jose Catalan, Reader in Psychiatry and honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School, University of London and Riverside Mental Health Trust, has been involved in research into the mental health aspects of HIV infection for over ten years. He is also in charge of the psychiatric services for people with HIV infection at the Chelsea & Westminster HosĀ¬pital which is the largest centre in the UK for the care of people with HIV infection. Lorraine Sherr, Senior lecturer, Clinical Psychologist at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine. An editor of the international journal AIDS Care and Psychology Health and Medicine, she has travelled to Africa, Canada and the USA as a Churchill Fellow to conduct research into AIDS and HIV and participates in numerous national and international research and clinical initiatives. Barbara Hedge, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at St Bartholomew's Hospital and honorary senior lecturer in psychology at St Bartholomew's and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry, is responsible for the clinical psychology services for people with HIV disease at St Bartholomew's and the Royal London Hospitals. For the last ten years she has studied the psychosocial factors affecting the quality of life of individuals infected with HIV and their partners and has been involved in the running of workshops and counselling courses in Africa and Eastern Europe.

    "These are well presented papers that should provide a basis for further study. Although these are pre-1997 papers, they are still important for researchers to read and study. Recommended for all medical and academic libraries."