1st Edition

Imperialism Critical Concepts in Historical Studies Volume II

Edited By Peter H. Cain, Mark Harrison Copyright 2004

    First published in 2004. This is Volume II in a collection on Imperialism, Critical Concepts in Historical Studies and includes Part III on Modern Marxism and Dependency Theories and Part IV on Modern Historians and Imperialism.

    VOLUME II PART III:  23. Extracts from The Political Economy of Growth 24. The Development of Underdevelopment 25. Imperialism in the Seventies: Unity or Rivalry? 26. A Structural Theory of Imperialism 27. Extract from Unequal Exchange: A Study in the Imperialism of Trade 28. Some African and Third World Theories of Imperialism 29. The Rise and Future Demise of the World Capitalist System: Concepts for Comparative Analysis 30. Post-imperialism: A Class Analysis of Multinational Corporate Expansion 31. The Crisis of Imperialism Samir Amin 32. Extracts from Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism Bill Warren PART IV: Modern Historians and Imperialism 33. A Critique of Imperialism 34. The Imperialism of Free Trade, 1815–1914 35. Some Thoughts on the Nature of Economic Imperialism 36. Theorising about ‘Imperialism’: A Methodological Note 37. Imperialism in the Twentieth Century A. P. Thornton 38. Gentlemanly Capitalism and British Imperialism: The Old Colonial System 39. The Excentric Idea of Imperialism, with or without Empire 40. Capitalism and the Periodization of International Relations: Colonialism, Imperialism, Ultraimperialism, and Postimperialism


    Edited by Peter J. Cain, Mark Harrison