Imperialism Intervention and Development  book cover
1st Edition

Imperialism Intervention and Development

ISBN 9781138384897
Published March 31, 2021 by Routledge
410 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1979 Imperialism, Intervention and Development provides an introduction to key issues in international politics in the post-World War II era. The emphasis is on conflict – particularly the confrontation between East and West and the contention between rich industrialised nations and the poor ‘developing’ nations. The book debates the causes of Western intervention, expansion and counter-revolution in the Third World and the consequences of that intervention for economic development. The spectrum and depth of the articles is both comprehensive and varied, including examples of ‘mainstream’ academic perspectives on the issues examined, incorporating many of the radical critiques of these mainstream approaches. Other more basic material, presupposing little prior knowledge in the field is concerned is also included.

Table of Contents

Part I: Imperialism and Intervention

1. Introduction

Section I: Decolonisation

2. Introduction

3. Anticolonial Nationalism and Western Response, T. Smith

4. Decolonisation, D.K. Fieldhouse

Section II: The Cold War and Imperialism

5. Introduction

6. The Cold War and the Korean War, D.W. Ziegler

7. Did Anyone Start the Cold War? Ronald Steel

Section III: Counterrevolution and Revolt in the Third World

8. Introduction

9. Patterns of Intervention, Richard Barnet

10. Counterinsurgency in the Third World: Theory and Practice, Andrew Mack

Part IV: Intervention and the Economic Imperatives of Capitalism

11. Introduction

12. Scarce Resources: The Dynamic of American Imperialism, Heather Dean

13. Foreign Expansion as an ‘Institutional Necessity’ for Corporate Capitalism, T.H. Moran

14. Does the U.S. Require Imperialism?, S.M. Miller, Roy Bennett and Cyril Alapatt

Part II: Imperialism and Development

15. Introduction

Section V: Inside the Third World

16. Introduction

17. Social Perspectives, Peter Marris

18. The Causes of Poverty: A Classification, J.K. Galbraith

19. The Rational Choice, Julius Nyerere

Section VI: Third World Poverty and the West

20. Introduction

21. The Radical Theory of Development, S. Rosen and W. Jones

22. Radical Theories of Development: An Assessment, A. Mack and R. Leaver

23. Outwitting the ‘Developed Countries’, Ivan Illich

Section VII: The World Population/Food Crisis

24. Introduction

25. How Poverty Breeds Overpopulation, Barry Commoner

26. The Reproduction Function, The Economist

27. Era of Agricultural Scarcity Looms, Survey of International Development

28. Patriarchy is Alive and Well, E. Skjønsberg

Section VIII: China’s Developmental Approach

29. Introduction

30. The Chinese Approach to Development, Dennis Woodward

31. China’s Relevance for Third World Development, Bill Brugger

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