1st Edition

Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare A Facilitation Guide

By Gill Harvey, Alison Kitson Copyright 2015
    ISBN 9780415821926
    240 Pages
    Published March 18, 2015 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415821919
    240 Pages
    Published April 8, 2015 by Routledge

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    The successful implementation of evidence into practice is dependent on aligning the available evidence to the particular context through the active ingredient of facilitation. Designed to support the widely recognised PARIHS framework, which works as a guide to plan, action and evaluate the implementation of evidence into practice, this book provides a very practical ‘how-to’ guide for facilitating the whole process.

    This text discusses:

    • undertaking an initial diagnosis of the context and reaching a consensus on the evidence to be implemented;
    • how to link the research evidence with clinical and patients’ experience and local information in the form of audit data or patient and staff feedback;
    • the range of diagnostic, consensus building and stakeholder consultation methods that can be helpful;
    • a description of facilitator roles and facilitation methods, tools and techniques;
    • some of theories that underpin the PARIHS framework and how these have been integrated to inform a revised version of PARIHS

    Including internationally-sourced case study examples to illustrate how the facilitation role and facilitation skills have been applied in a range of different health care settings, this is the ideal text for those interested in leading or facilitating evidence based implementation projects, from the planning stage through to evaluation.

    1. Introduction Gill Harvey and Alison Kitson  2. Facilitation as the Active Ingredient in the PARIHS Framework Gill Harvey and Alison Kitson  3. PARIHS Re-visited: Introducing the i-PARIHS Framework Gill Harvey and Alison Kitson  4. A Model of Facilitation for Evidence-based Practice Gill Harvey and Alison Kitson  5. Getting started with Facilitation: The Facilitator's Role Alison Kitson and Gill Harvey  6. Facilitating an Evidence-based Innovation into Practice: The Novice Facilitator's Role  Alison Kitson and Gill Harvey  7. Developing Capacity and Driving the Sustainability and Spread of Evidence-based Innovations Alison Kitson and Gill Harvey  8. Facilitation Methods Within a Project to Improve the Management of Chronic Kidney Disease in Primary Care Gill Harvey, Janet Hegarty, John Humphreys, Katy Rothwell, Roman Kislov, Viv Entwistle and Ruth Boaden  9. A Facilitation Project to Improve the Management of Continence in European Nursing Homes Gill Harvey and Alison Kitson  10. Using Facilitation to Improve Neonatal Health and Survival in Vietnam Leif Eriksson and Lars Wallin  11. Case Study of the PRoWL Project: A Whole System Implementation Project Involving Nursing and Dietetic Lead Facilitators Rick Wiechula, Alison Shanks, Tim Schultz and Nancy Whitaker and Alison Kitson  12. Case Study of the Signature Project: An Australian-US Knowledge Translation Project Alison Kitson, Rick Wiechula, Tiff Conroy, Nancy Whitaker, Cheryl Holly and Susan Salmond  13. Moving Forward on the Facilitation Journey  Gill Harvey and Alison Kitson


    Gill Harvey is a Professor in the Health Management Group at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK. Since October 2013, she has been on a visiting post in the School of Nursing, University of Adelaide.

    Alison Kitson is Professor and Dean of Nursing, University of Adelaide, Executive Director of Nursing at Central Adelaide Local Health Network (Innovation and Reform) and Associate Fellow, Green Templeton College University of Oxford.

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