1st Edition

Implementing Urban Design Green, Civic, and Community Strategies

By Jonathan Barnett Copyright 2023
    174 Pages 65 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    174 Pages 65 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Implementing Urban Design: Green, Civic, and Community Strategies addresses a central urban design issue: how to bring an urban design from concept to reality.

    When implementation strategies are made an integral part of urban design, the result becomes more detailed, more situational, and much more likely to be related to the natural landscape and the character already present in the community. The strategies described in this book range from neighborhoods to downtown business districts, and from designs for whole suburbs and cities to designs at the scale of the region and megaregion. They deal with everyday situations, although some of the issues can be complicated.

    This book will interest community leaders, urban design professionals, and the students, instructors, and practitioners of urban design and city planning.

    Introduction: Implementing Urban Design 1. Including the Community in Design Decisions 2. Protecting the Environment 3. Designing Cities Without Designing Buildings 4. Enhancing Public Open Spaces 5. Preserving Existing Urban Designs 6. Changing Regulations to Prevent Suburban Sprawl 7. Reinventing Suburban Development 8. Using Bus Rapid Transit in Suburbs 9. Mobilizing Support to Redesign a Whole City 10. Designing for Regions and Megaregions Afterword: Urban Design in a Changing World


    Jonathan Barnett has been an urban design advisor to the cities of Charleston, SC, Cleveland, Kansas City, Miami, Nashville, New York City, Norfolk, Omaha, and Pittsburgh in the United States and Xiamen and Tianjin in China. He has also advised the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the National Park Service, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Capital Planning Commission. He is the author of many books and articles about urban design and planning and is a professor emeritus of practice in city and regional planning at the University of Pennsylvania.

    "We know the ‘ways’ of urban design but the ‘means’ still often defeat us. Cities continue to despoil and alienate more than fulfill. Through vivid, lived examples Barnett demystifies how to get progressive results and make change last. His proven methods, fostering livable, harmonious, delightful places, are practical yet so inspirational."

    Larry Beasley, CM, Distinguished Practice Professor of Planning, University of British Columbia, School of Community and Regional Planning; former co-planning director, city of Vancouver, Canada

    "In this important book, Jonathan Barnett’s timely in-depth case studies enrich our understanding of how to devise creative implementation strategies and how to be involved in successfully using them."

    Jon Lang, Professor Emeritus, University of New South Wales, Sydney; former director of the Urban Design Program at the University of Pennsylvania, USA

    "Jonathan Barnett has an exceptional ability to cut through the labyrinth of bureaucratic, political, and legal webs that too often entangle even the best urban design plans. In his new book, Implementing Urban Design, Barnett, in his rational, cogent first-person style, leads the reader through a masterclass in how to get things done. This book should appeal to and inspire not only urban design practitioners but all readers who care deeply about shaping their communities."

    Robert Freedman FRAIC AICP, Sessional Lecturer at the University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design, Canada

    "Jonathan Barnett, eminent practitioner and scholar, takes the reader beyond the ‘visionary’ images (many disconnected from local contexts) into the complex formulation and evolution of public policy as the implementing mechanism for "master plans". He articulates the real dynamics of ‘design-evolution’ through key case studies that explore the politics of urban design as a foundation for implementation strategies and tools. And, his case studies help the reader transfer lessons-learned to a new and different post-covid world."

    Ron Kasprisin, Professor Emeritus, College of Built Environments, University of Washington, USA