1st Edition

Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard Aligning IT with Corporate Strategy

By Jessica Keyes Copyright 2005
    522 Pages 43 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

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    The goals of an IT balanced scorecard include the alignment of IT plans with business objectives, the establishment of measures of IT effectiveness, the directing of employee efforts toward IT objectives, the improved performance of technology, and the achievement of balanced results across stakeholder groups. CIOs, CTOs, and other technical managers can achieve these goals by considering multiple perspectives, long- and short-term objectives, and how the IT scorecard is linked to other scorecards throughout their organizations. Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard: Aligning IT with Corporate Strategy lays the groundwork for implementing the scorecard approach, and successfully integrating it with corporate strategy.

    This volume thoroughly explains the concept of the scorecard framework from both the corporate and IT perspectives. It provides examples, case histories, and current research for critical issues such as performance measurement and management, continuous process improvement, benchmarking, metrics selection, and people management. The book also discusses how to integrate these issues with the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard: customer, business processes, learning, and innovation and financial.

    Why Balanced Scorecard?
    What Is Balanced Scorecard?
    Attributes of Successful Performance Measurement Systems
    Case Studies

    Understanding Performance Management: Balanced
    Scorecard at the Corporate Level
    Understanding Performance Management
    Techniques for Performance Assessment, Management, and
    Performance Measurement
    Balanced Scorecard at the Corporate Level

    Key Elements of a Balanced Scorecard Project
    Getting Ready
    Developing Benchmarks
    Choosing Metrics
    Process Mapping
    The Balanced Scorecard Plan

    Aligning IT to Organizational Strategy
    The IT Balanced Scorecard
    Altering the Balanced Scorecard for IT
    Great-West Life Case Study
    Representative IT Balanced Scorecard Value Metrics
    Drilling Down to the Specific System
    Keeping Track of What Is Going On

    Aligning IT to Meet Financial Objectives
    Cost-Benefit Analysis
    Break-Even Analysis
    Estimating ROI for an IT Project
    Earned-Value Management
    Rapid Economic Justification
    Portfolio Management
    Calculating the Net Worth of Organizational Information
    IAM: Intangible Assets Monitor
    The Prediction Market

    Aligning IT to Meet Customer Objectives
    Customer Intimacy and Operational Excellence

    Aligning IT to Meet Business Process Objectives
    The IT Utility
    Integrating CMM into Business Process Objectives
    Quality and the Balanced Scorecard
    Process Performance Metrics

    Aligning IT to Promote Learning and Growth
    Liberate Rather than Empower
    The Challenge of Peopleware
    Attributes of the Good Tech Manager
    Hiring the Best People
    Techniques for Motivating Employees
    Nontechnological Issues in Software Engineering
    Creativity Improvement
    Communications and Group Productivity
    Management Quality Considerations

    Compliance, Awareness, and Assurance
    The Proactive Risk Strategy
    Risk Assessment
    Just What Is Critical to Project Success?

    Scorecard and Other Performance Measurement Tools
    Department of Defense Performance Assessment Guide
    Aha! Executive Decision Support System (Balanced Scorecard
    The Performance Organiser
    Microsoft Balanced Scorecard Framework
    CorVu 5
    SAS Strategic Performance Management
    ActiveStrategy Enterprise
    QPR 7 Collaborative Management Software Suite, Including QPR
    ScoreCard, QPR ProcessGuide, and QPR Collaboration Portal
    QPR ScoreCard Software, QPR ProcessGuide Software, QPR
    CostControl Software, and Strategy Map Software
    Healthwise Balanced Scorecard™

    Appendix A: IT Staff Competency Survey
    Appendix B: U.S. Air Force Software Metrics Capability
    Evaluation Guide
    Appendix C: Traditional IT Metrics Reference
    Appendix D: eBay Balanced Scorecard Analysis
    Appendix E: Benchmarking Data Collection from a Software
    Engineering Requirements Elicitation Perspective
    Appendix F: Behavioral Competencies
    Appendix G: The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
    Appendix H: Value Measuring Methodology
    Appendix I: Balanced Scorecard Samples
    Appendix J: Resources
    Appendix K: The E-Business Audit
    Appendix L: Establishing a Software Measurement Program
    Appendix M: Process Assets by CMM Level: Focus on Process
    Appendix N: Selected Performance Metrics


    Jessica Keyes