Implicit Memory : New Directions in Cognition, Development, and Neuropsychology book cover
1st Edition

Implicit Memory
New Directions in Cognition, Development, and Neuropsychology

ISBN 9780805811162
Published July 1, 1993 by Psychology Press
380 Pages

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Book Description

The immense growth of research on implicit and explicit memory is making it difficult to keep up with new methods and findings, to gauge the implications of new discoveries, and to ferret out new directions in research and theory development. The present volume provides a status report of work on implicit and explicit memory in the three areas that have contributed the bulk of what is known about this domain -- cognitive psychology, lifespan developmental psychology, and neuropsychology. Highlighting developments in methods, critical findings, and theoretical positions, this volume outlines promising new research directions. By so doing, it provides the reader with a multi-disciplinary perspective on implicit and explicit memory, and thereby enables a cross- fertilization of ideas and research.

The chapters that make up this volume were written by experts on the topic of implicit and explicit memory. These contributors were asked to write for a broad audience -- for their colleagues from allied disciplines, for new researchers, for advanced undergraduate and graduate students -- to help them gain a comprehensive overview of the mushrooming research on this topic, grasp the most fundamental empirical and theoretical issues, and focus on new research directions.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. M.E.J. Masson, P. Graf, Introduction: Looking Back and Into the Future. Part I: Cognitive Psychology. H.L. Roediger,III, K. Srinivas, Specificity of Operations in Perceptual Priming. B.A. Levy, Fluent Rereading: An Implicit Indicator of Reading Skill Development. D. Macaulay, L. Ryan, E. Eich, Mood Dependence in Implicit and Explicit Memory. R.S. Lockhart, A.B. Blackburn, Implicit Processes in Problem Solving. K. Kirsner, C. Speelman, P. Schofield, Implicit Memory and Skill Acquisition: Is Synthesis Possible? J. Wiles, M.S. Humphreys, Using Artificial Neural Nets to Model Implicit and Explicit Memory Test Performance. Part II: Lifespan Development. D.B. Mitchell, Implicit and Explicit Memory for Pictures: Multiple Views Across the Lifespan. A.J. Parkin, Implicit Memory Across the Lifespan. L.L. Light, D. La Voie, Direct and Indirect Measures of Memory in Old Age. M. Naito, S-I. Komatsu, Processes Involved in Childhood Development of Implicit Memory. Part III: Neuropsychology. A.P. Shimamura, Neuropsychological Analyses of Implicit Memory: History, Methodology, and Theoretical Interpretations. L.S. Cermak, Automatic Versus Controlled Processing and the Implicit Task Performance of Amnesic Patients. J. Bowers, D.L. Schacter, Priming of Novel Information in Amnesic Patients: Issues and Data. A.L. Ostergaard, T.L. Jernigan, Are Word Priming and Explicit Memory Mediated by Different Brain Structures?

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"...provides an excellent overview of research on implicit memory. It is written at a level that can be understood by experts in other scientific fields and provides enough introductory material and definitions of tasks and theories to be accessible to graduate students and advanced undergraduates. The book presents material from a wide variety of disciplines, providing the reader with a broad enough understanding to critically evaluate theoretical and empirical issues in implicit memory."
Contemporary Psychology

"The volume is impressive in conveying how much has been learned about implicit memory, the impact this knowledge has had on our understanding of memory, and how much remains to be known."
American Journal of Psychology

"The growing interest in this topic has made it difficult to keep up with new empirical findings, and theoretical and methodological developments, especially because research is going on in several different domains at the same time. Therefore, Implicit Memory... is most welcome....this book represents a readable and comprehensive overview of the current research on implicit and explicit memory, and many of its chapters also suggest new directions for further studies. It demonstrates how researchers in different domains can exchange ideas and cooperate towards an interdisciplinary goal of understanding memory and cognition. I recommend this book to everyone interested in the study of learning, memory, and cognition in general."
European Journal of Cognitve Psychology, 1995, Volume 7, Number 2