1st Edition

Improvement of Desert Ranges in Soviet Central Asia

Edited By Nina T. Nechaeva Copyright 1985

    Improvement of Desert Ranges in Soviet Central Asia (1985) examines the progress made in the Soviet Union’s attempts to increase desert vegetation without using irrigation or fertilizers. Prominent Soviet scientists show that by making use of ecological resources alone – particularly moisture reserves and mineral nutrients available in the root zone of the soil – desert ranges worldwide can be made into more productive grazing land.

    1. Natural Conditions of Deserts in the USSR A.G. Babaev and N.S. Orlovsky  2. Scientific Fundamentals of Desert Range Plant Cover Reconstruction N.T. Nechaeva  3. Description of Plants Used for Vegetative Range Improvement N.T. Nechaeva  4. Development of Cultivated Range Improver Plants and Regularities of Agrophytocenoses Formation N.T. Nechaeva  5. Pasture Amelioration in Piedmont Deserts N.T. Nechaeva, Z.Sh. Shamsutinov and I.O. Ibragimov  6. Improvement of Rangelands in Sandy Desert N.T. Nechaeva  and G.M. Mukhammedov  7. Improvements of Rangelands in Clay Desert G.M. Mukhammedov  8. Improvement of Rangelands in Gypsum Desert I.F. Momotov, A.G. Alimzhanov and D.K. Saidov


    Nina T. Nechaeva