440 Pages 19 Color & 180 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    440 Pages 19 Color & 180 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Quality measures and outcomes are receiving greater attention by the lay and medical communities. The occurrence or mismanagement of complications often results in poor outcomes, increased cost, and significant morbidity. Answering the call for transparency and improvement requires action by all involved in the care of patients. The collection of objective data and quality measures enables the provision of optimal care and desired outcomes while identifying areas for improvement.

    This text presents the current knowledge of outcomes, as well as the techniques for minimizing and managing complications from the common diseases and procedures within colorectal surgery.

    Foreword to Improved Outcomes




    1. Preexisting conditions

    Arida Siripong and Farouq Manji

    2. Preoperative bowel preparation

    Aaron L. Klinger and David A. Margolin

    3. Anesthesia and intraoperative positioning

    W. David Sumrall, III and David E. Beck

    4. Sepsis

    Jennifer S. Beaty and Moriah E. Wright

    5. Intraoperative anastomotic challenges

    David E. Beck

    6. Other intraoperative challenges

    Jesus Flores and Sharon G. Gregorcyk

    7. Optimizing use of electronic health records

    Allison B. McCoy and Genevieve B. Melton-Meaux

    8. Postoperative anastomotic complications

    Traci L. Hedrick

    9. General postoperative complications

    J. Marcus Downs and Kristina K. Booth

    10. Care paths and optimal postoperative management

    Benjamin D. Shogan and Heidi K. Chua

    11. Limitations of anorectal physiology testing

    Thomas E. Cataldo and Syed G. Husain

    12. Limitations of colorectal imaging studies

    Andrew C. Matthews and Charles C. Matthews

    13. Transanal endoscopy

    Aaron L. Klinger and Brian R. Kann

    14. Laparoscopy for colorectal disease

    Bradley R. Davis and Kevin R. Kasten

    15. Medical legal issues

    Terry C. Hicks and David E. Beck

    16. Miscellaneous conditions

    Alexander T. Hawkins and M. Benjamin Hopkins

    17. Outcomes and quality

    Shaun R. Brown and Kurt G. Davis

    18. Hemorrhoidal surgery

    Jeffery Mino and Massarat Zutshi

    19. Nonoperative therapy for hemorrhoidal disease

    Joseph C. Adongay and Scott A. Brill

    20. Surgery and nonoperative therapy of perirectal abscess and anal fistulas

    Mohammed Iyoob Mohammed Ilyas and Craig A. Reickert

    21. Surgery and nonoperative therapy of anal fissure

    Mary T. O’Donnell and Cary B. Aarons

    22. Surgery for pilonidal disease and hidradenitis suppurativa

    John D. Hunter and Leander M. Grimm Jr.

    23. Surgical treatment of fecal incontinence

    Nicole M. Saur and Joshua I.S. Bleier

    24. Surgery for rectal prolapse

    Steven R. Hunt

    25. Management of diverticulitis

    David E. Beck, H. David Vargas, and Molly M. Ford

    26. Abdominal surgery for colorectal cancer

    Jason F. Hall and Rocco Ricciardi

    27. Abdominal restorative surgery for rectal cancer

    Charles C. Vining and Nijjia N. Mahmoud

    28. Transanal approaches to rectal cancer

    Charles B. Whitlow and Lara McKean Basté

    29. Abdominoperineal resection

    W. Brian Perry and Huisar Dao Campi

    30. Management of rectal cancer after complete clinical response to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy

    Rodrigo O. Perez and Laura Melina Fernandez

    31. Indications and outcomes for treatment of recurrent rectal cancer and colorectal liver/lung metastases

    Luanne M. Force and David J. Maron

    32. Evaluation and management of peritoneal metastatic disease

    James Fleshman and Katerina O. Wells

    33. Chemotherapy for colon and rectal cancer

    Jonathan Lu and Marc R. Matrana

    34. Adjunctive treatment of rectal cancer with radiation and the adverse effects of radiation exposure of the rectum

    Roland Hawkins

    35. Surgical management of ulcerative colitis

    Shannon McChesney and Brian R. Kann

    36. Surgery for Crohn disease

    Emily Steinhagen and Sharon L. Stein

    37. Evaluation and management of lower gastrointestinal bleeding

    Arjun N. Jeganathan and Skandan Shanmugan

    38. Ostomies

    Danielle Pickham and Supriya S. Patel

    39. Operative and nonoperative therapy for chronic constipation

    Robert J. Sinnott, Michelle C. Julien, and Daniel E. Sarmiento

    40. Colorectal trauma

    Alison Althans and Scott R. Steele

    41. Prevention and management of urologic complications after colorectal surgery

    Jacob A. McCoy, J. Christian Winters, and Scott E. Delacroix Jr.



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