1st Edition

Improving Teamwork in Organizations Applications of Resource Management Training

Edited By Eduardo Salas, Clint A. Bowers, Eleana Edens Copyright 2001
    366 Pages
    by CRC Press

    368 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This edited volume applies the excellent work done in Crew Resource Management (CRM) in the aviation industry to training teams in other organizations. CRM is not only a design for training, but it also has been evaluated over time and shown great success. This lesson should be transferred to other nonaviation settings, and this book was written with that goal in mind.

    This book has two purposes. First, it provides those interested in designing and delivering resource management training with useful and practical information containing the latest thinking and guidance available. Second, it launches CRM training as a viable intervention that can be used to enhance teamwork and organizational effectiveness, as well as minimize human error in a wide variety of industries and organizations.

    Written from experts in the field of training, this volume is organized into four sections that:
    *address the foundation of resource management training;
    *focus on the tools needed for design and delivery of resource management training;
    *apply resource management training to several industries and domains (i.e., medical, naval, airlines); and
    *look at the global issues, such as culture of organizations, national issues, and error in training.

    Contents: Preface. E. Salas, C.A. Bowers, E. Edens, An Overview of Resource Management in Organizations: Why Now? Part I: Foundations of Resource Management Training. T.L. Seamster, G.L. Kaempf, Identifying Resource Management Skills for Airline Pilots. K.A. Smith-Jentsch, D.P. Baker, E. Salas, J.A. Cannon-Bowers, Uncovering Differences in Team Competency Requirements: The Case of Air Traffic Control Teams. J.E. Driskell, E. Salas, J. Johnston, Stress Management: Individual and Team Training. F. Jentsch, K.A. Smith-Jentsch, Assertiveness and Team Performance: More Than "Just Say No." B.G. Kanki, G.M. Smith, Training Aviation Communication Skills. Part II: Tools for Resource Management Training. D.P. Baker, C. Mulqueen, R.K. Dismukes, Training Raters to Assess Resource Management Skills. C. Prince, F. Jentsch, Aviation Crew Resource Management Training With Low-Fidelity Devices. R.W. Holt, D.A. Boehm-Davis, J.M. Beaubien, Evaluating Resource Management Training. Part III: Applications of Resource Management in Organizations: Lessons Learned and Guidelines. D.A. Boehm-Davis, R.W. Holt, T.L. Seamster, Airline Resource Management Programs. R. Flin, P. O'Connor, Applying Crew Resource Management on Offshore Oil Platforms. M.M. Robertson, Resource Management for Aviation Maintenance Teams. J.M. Davies, Medical Applications of Crew Resource Management. R.L. Oser, E. Salas, D.C. Merket, C.A. Bowers, Applying Resource Management Training in Naval Aviation: A Methodology and Lessons Learned. Part IV: A Global Perspective of Resource Management Training. R.L. Helmreich, J.A. Wilhelm, J.R. Klinect, A.C. Merritt, Culture, Error, and Crew Resource Management. Part V: Final Observations. E. Salas, C.A. Bowers, E. Edens, Research and Practices of Resource Management in Organizations: Some Observations.

    "...the book is useful indeed for many professionals and researchers interested in human error and team functioning."
    Personal Psychology

    "...aims to bring the problems and methods of CRM to a wider audience and to encourage applications to other team situations....The book comprises a useful up-date on CRM..."
    Ergonomics Abstracts