1st Edition

Impurities in Semiconductors
Solubility, Migration and Interactions

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ISBN 9780415308311
Published January 27, 2004 by CRC Press
448 Pages 141 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Although there is a good deal of research concerning semiconductor impurities available, most publications on the subject are very specialized and very theoretical. Until now, the field lacked a text that described the current experimental data, applications, and theory concerning impurities in semiconductor physics.

Impurities in Semiconductors: Solubility, Migration and Interactions explores the behavior of impurity atoms in semiconductors, integrating experimental data with theoretical interpretation. It presents the current literature on the state and behavior of impurities in semiconductors. The author explains the basic physics of hydrogen-like impurities to help you understand the properties imparted by these impurities. He also analyzes the macroscopic and microscopic mechanisms of the solubility, and migration of impurities and defects in the crystal lattice. In addition, the book presents a systematic analysis of different effects resulting from the interactions between impurities and other defects in the crystal lattices.

This book brings to light work done in the former Soviet Union and highlights several impurities that have potential, but have not yet found widespread application. As such, it will be an invaluable reference for those working in different fields involving the use of electronic materials.

Table of Contents

The Semiconductor Impurity System
The Semiconductor Crystal as a Thermodynamic System
Thermodynamic Descriptions of Impurity Solubility
General Characteristics of Impurity Centers
Impurity Behavior in Semiconductors
Hydrogen-Like Impurities
Impurities with Partly Filled Electron Shells (d- and f-Impurities)
Amphoteric Impurities
Isovalent Impurities
Volatile Impurities
Impurity Solubility in Semiconductors
Retrograde Solubility of Impurities
Solubility of Hydrogen-Like Impurity Atoms in Germanium and Silicon
Hydrogen-Like Impurity Solubility in AIII BV Compounds
Solubility of Deep Impurities
Solubility of Amphoteric Impurities
Microscopic Analysis of Impurity Solubility in Semiconductors
Dissolution Enthalpy Calculation by Weisserís Method
Dissolution Enthaply in the Pseudo-Alloy Model
Solubility of Interstitial f-Atoms in Silicon
On Solubility Theory for Semiconductor Compounds
Charge Interaction
Potential Interaction
Defect Interaction in Regular Approximation
Interaction Leading to Complexation
Defect Ionization in Solids
Association of Impurity Atoms
Ion Pairs
Polytropic Impurities
Complexation Thermodynamics in a Semiconductor Compound
Impurity-Vacancy Complexes in AIII B V Compounds
Impurity-Vacancy Complexes in Silicon
Impurity Syneresis
Combined Complexation
Indirect Ion-Ion Interaction
Applied Aspects of Complexation
Impurity Kinetics in Semiconductors
Impurity Migration Energy
Microscopic Theory of Impurity Kinetics
Dissociative Diffusion of Impurities
Kinetic Effects in Subsurface Layers
Diffusion Profiles of Interacting Impurities
Impurity Migration in the Formation of Mobile Complexes
Diatomic Complexes: Formation and Decomposition
Diffusion Model for Mobile Complexes
Solution of Diffusion Equations for Various Boundary Conditions
Diffusion Theory Versus Experiment
Subject Index.

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