1st Edition

In Vitro Cultivation Of Protozoan Parasites

By Patsy Jenson Copyright 1983

    It is the purpose of this book to make available to parasitologists and workers in many other disciplines a review of the developments leading up to the successful cultivation of the more important protozoan parasites of man and domestic animals. Included is a detailed description of the current state of the art protozoan parasite cultivation, and a limited discussion of the major achievements to our understanding of parasite biology derived through experimentation using cultured parasites.

    1. The Coccidia 2. Lumen Dwelling Protozoa: Entamoeba, Trichomonads, and Giardia 3. Leishmania 4. Plasmodium 5. African Trypanosomes 6. Cultivation and In Vitro Studies of Babesia 7. Theileria


    Patsy Jenson