1st Edition

Incentives and Economic Systems Proceedings of the Eighth Arne Ryde Symposium, Frostavallen, 26-27 August 1985

Edited By Stefan Hedlund Copyright 1987
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    First published in 1987, Incentives and Economic Systems is a selection of papers presented at the Eighth Arne Ryde Symposium at Frostavallen, Sweden on how institutions attempt to guide individual behaviour by manipulating the social and economic incentive system. These economic and social aspects of incentives determine ‘rational’ and ‘irrational’ behaviour by individuals and organizations across various economic systems. The essays in the volume deal with various aspects of the incentive problems and the various manifestations of such problems, along with moral and ethical issues. The essays will be an enlightening read for students of economics, policymaking and international politics.

    List of Contributors Preface Introduction Stefan Hedlund 1. The Formation of Incentive Mechanisms in different Economic Systems Pavel Pelikan 2. Incentives to Share Knowledge and Risk: An Aspect of the Japanese Industrial Organization Masahiko Aoki 3. Labour Incentives and Collective Wage Systems in Soviet Industry Hans Aage 4. Labour Hoarding and Attempts at Labour Saving in the Soviet Economy Susanne Oxenstierna 5. Soft Options in Central Control Stefan Hedlund 6. Economic Incentives in Soviet Pre-War Economic Thought Pekka Sutela 7. Chinese Reforms from a Soviet Perspective Alec Nove 8. Market-related Incentives and Food Production in Tanzania: Theory and Experience Benno J. Ndulu 9. Kibbutz Efficiency and the Incentive Conundrum Haim Barkai 10. The Share Economy: Plausibility and Viability of Weitzman’s Model D. Mario Nuti 11. An Economic Theory of Workfare Richard S. Toikka and William L. Dreifka 12. British Work Incentives and the IR/DHSS Effective Tax System: An Essay Designed to Provoke Discussion Tom Kronsjo 13. ‘Productive’ and ‘Non-Productive’ Economic Activities: A Note on Haavelmo Bjorn Thalberg Index


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