1st Edition

Inclusive Leadership Transforming Diverse Lives, Workplaces, and Societies

    480 Pages
    by Routledge

    480 Pages
    by Routledge

    In a time of increasing divisiveness in politics and society there is a desperate need for leaders to bring people together and leverage the power of diversity and inclusion. Inclusive Leadership: Transforming Diverse Lives, Workplaces, and Societies provides leaders with guidance and hands-on strategies for fostering inclusion and explains how and why it matters.

    Inclusive Leadership explores cutting-edge theory, research, practice, and experience on the pivotal role of leadership in promoting inclusion in diverse teams, organizations, and societies. Chapters are authored by leading scholars and practitioners in the fields of leadership, diversity, and inclusion. The book is solidly grounded in research on inclusive leadership development, diversity management, team effectiveness, organization development, and intergroup relations. Alongside the exhaustive scholarship are practical suggestions for making teams, groups, organizations, and the larger society more inclusive and, ultimately, more productive.

    Leaders and managers at all levels, HR professionals, and members of diverse teams will find Inclusive Leadership invaluable in becoming more effective at cultivating inclusive climates and realizing its many benefits—including innovation, enhanced team and organizational performance, and social justice.

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    Preface and Overview: Inclusive Leadership

    Bernardo M. Ferdman, Jeanine Prime, and Ronald E. Riggio

    Part I. From Exclusion to Inclusion: The Challenges of Inclusive Leadership

    1. Inclusive Leadership: The Fulcrum of Inclusion

    Bernardo M. Ferdman 

    2. Exclusion of Inclusion in Leadership Theories 

    Nurcan Ensari and Ronald E. Riggio

    3. Stigmatization, Subordination, or Marginalization? The Complexity of Social Disadvantage Across Gender and Race 

    Robert W. Livingston and Ashleigh Shelby Rosette

    4. Why Diversity Needs Inclusion and How Leaders Make It Happen 

    Stefanie K. Johnson and Brittany K. Lambert

    5. The Problem of Inclusion from a Multicultural Perspective 

    Edgar H. Schein and Peter A. Schein

    Part II. Leadership Practices for Fostering and Benefiting from Inclusive Interpersonal and Team Dynamics

    6. Inclusive Leadership in Complex Times: Leading with Vulnerability and Integrity 

    Ilene C. Wasserman

    7. Inclusive Leadership Practices: The Power of Microbehaviors 

    Doyin Atewologun and Charlotte Harman

    8. Inclusive Leadership from the Inside Out 

    Tara Van Bommel, Emily Shaffer, Dnika J. Travis, and Heather Foust-Cummings

    9. Embracing the Weird: Developing Inclusive Leadership Competency by Leveraging Uniqueness 

    Martin N. Davidson

    10. Boundary-Spanning Leadership: Strategies to Create a More Inclusive and Effective Network 

    Donna Chrobot-Mason and Nicholas P. Aramovich

    11. A Leader's Guide to Fostering Inclusion by Creating a Positive Diversity Climate 

    David J. G. Dwertmann and Hans van Dijk

    12. Inclusive Leadership: Leaders as Architects of Inclusive Workgroup Climates 

    Lisa H. Nishii and Hannes L. Leroy

    13. Team Inclusion Over Time: The Case for Early Intervention 

    Lynn R. Offerman and Lauren A. Lanzo

    Part III: Leadership Practices for Building Inclusive Organizations

    14. Responsible Inclusive Leadership: A Whole System Collective Process Outcome 

    Lize A. E. Booysen

    15. Diversity Workspaces: Pathways for Cultivating Inclusion in Diverse Organizations 

    Stephanie J. Creary

    16. Engaging in Bold, Inclusive Conversations: A Developmental Approach 

    Mary-Frances Winters

    17. Inclusive Leadership: Driving Multilevel Organizational Change 

    Aarti Shyamsunder

    18. Peak Moments of Inclusion Among Brothers and Sisters in Arms 

    J. Goosby Smith

    Part IV: Leadership Practices for Fostering Inclusive Societies

    19. Inclusion in a Multicultural Society 

    Nancy DiTomaso

    20. Leadership Excellence in a Pluralistic Society: The Role of Identity and Inclusive Leadership 

    Daryl G. Smith

    21. Inclusive Leadership: Essential to Reviving Civil Discourse in a Healthy Democracy 

    Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer and Lars Hasselblad Torres

    22. The Practice of Inclusive Leadership in Disruptive and Polarizing Times 

    Effenus Henderson

    Part V: Approaches and Resources for Developing Inclusive Leadership

    23. Accelerating the Development of Inclusive Leadership in Global Materials Organization 

    Judith H. Katz, Frederick A. Miller, and Monica E. Biggs

    24. Developing Inclusive Ethical Leaders: An Experiential Service-Learning Approach to Leadership Development Among Millennials 

    Audrey Murrell, Ray Jones, and Jennifer Petrie-Wyman

    25. The Role of White Male Culture in Engaging White Men to be Inclusive Leaders 

    Michael Welp and Edgar H. Schein

    26. Navigating Inclusion as a Leader: Lessons from the Field 

    Bernadette Dillon and Sandy Caspi Sable

    27. Inspiring Inclusion with the Appreciative Leadership Lotus Model 

    Tanya Cruz Teller

    28. How to Develop and Support Leadership that Contributes to a More Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Society 

    Leadership Learning Community Collaboration (Deborah Meehan, lead)

    Part VI: Reflections and Conclusion

    29. Inclusive Leadership: Insights and Implications

    Jeanine Prime, Bernardo M. Ferdman, and Ronald E. Riggio


    Bernardo M. Ferdman, PhD, has worked with leaders and organizations for over three decades to bring inclusion to life. He is an award-winning scholar-practitioner and consultant, distinguished professor emeritus of organizational psychology, and Fellow of SIOP, SCP, APA, and other groups. He has published and presented extensively on inclusion, diversity, and related topics.

    Jeanine Prime, PhD, is a researcher and advisor who has worked with corporate clients to create inclusive workplaces for over twenty years. She has held research leadership roles at Catalyst and more recently at Gartner. Her expertise includes stereotyping, implicit bias, change management, and inclusive leadership.

    Ronald E. Riggio, PhD, is the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Claremont McKenna College. A social/personality psychologist and leadership scholar, he has published over a dozen authored or edited books and more than 150 articles/book chapters. His research interests are in leadership, team processes, and organizational communication.

    "As a life-long educator, I believe that the key to addressing our collective needs and to fostering equity and justice is to harness and develop the power of every individual to fully realize their potential and contribute to the larger community in ways that are grounded in and honor their identities and backgrounds. Inclusive leadership is fundamental to doing this, and this timely volume provides a thorough roadmap. It’s a great go-to resource during these turbulent times!"Ana Mari Cauce, PhD, President and Professor of Psychology, University of Washington, USA

    "A powerful new perspective on leadership! Ferdman, Prime, & Riggio’s excellent new book provides a crucial tool for inclusive leadership to grow and strengthen your organization. A must read!" —Marshall Goldsmith, PhD, USA, Thinkers50 World’s Most Influential Thinker, and New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

    "Changing organizations and societies to dismantle the legacy of racial oppression requires new visions and new leadership capacities. This timely volume provides much-needed perspectives and actionable steps to help move us into a more equitable and inclusive future." — David M. Porter, Jr., PhD, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, USA

    "Inclusive leadership has never been more important, and this timely collection of powerful essays by leading thinkers lays the groundwork for cultivating inclusive leadership that promotes equity, justice and vitality for all types of people, especially those who traditionally hold less power or privilege. An essential resource for anyone who seeks to promote inclusion at all levels of the organization." — Laura Morgan Roberts, PhD, Professor of Practice, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, USA, and co-editor, Race, Work, and Leadership: New Perspectives on the Black Experience

    "Filled with wise and practical insights and suggestions, this book is a must read for leaders who want to build a great organization and win in these extraordinarily challenging times." Steve Reinemund, Retired Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo, and Former Dean, Wake Forest University School of Business, USA

    "Anyone who calls themselves a leader should read this book. Based in the best of practice and science, the thoughtful and expert perspectives woven through each chapter offer crucial insights toward achieving positive change." — Eden King, PhD, Diversity and Inclusion Scholar, Lynette S. Autrey Professor of Psychology at Rice University, USA, and Past President, Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology

    "Now more than ever, workplaces need to be transformed--diverse teams make better decisions than homogeneous ones, and leaders can set the tone from the top. Although the leadership of organizations has become more diverse in recent years, is it enough? How do we ensure that all members of an organization feel they actually belong? Ferdman, Prime, and Riggio provide us a roadmap for how to conceptualize inclusive leadership, why it is important, and how to achieve it. Rooted in social psychology and organizational behavior, this volume belongs on the bookshelves of leaders across all sectors of society." — Peter Salovey, PhD, President and Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology, Yale University, USA

    "I'm writing this three weeks after George Floyd was killed, and I’m inundated with calls from organizational leaders who are inspired to advance racial equity, but who're flummoxed as to where to start. In this comprehensive anthology, they will find a bounty of ideas and practices -- grounded in theory and research -- that address the critical importance of inclusive leadership in fostering diverse, equitable and inclusive teams, organizations and societies. A must-read!" — Kumea Shorter-Gooden, PhD, Former Chief Diversity Officer, University of Maryland, College Park, USA, and Co-author, Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America

    "The timeliness of this book is commendable. By examining the type of leadership required to cultivate inclusion at a community and societal level, the authors address a real need during the COVID-19 pandemic, when inequalities have become more pronounced. The book contains useful strategies and frameworks for all to benefit from." — Nene Molefi, CEO, Mandate Molefi Consultants, South Africa

    "Most organizations talk about the vital importance of diverse perspectives in driving organizational success, however when it comes to creating an inclusive culture for their diverse workforces, they often fall short. What truly drives change is well-grounded information that provides direction for action. This book offers all of that and more." — Donna Sharp, Associate Dean, Executive Education, UCLA Anderson School of Management, USA

    "Being an inclusive leader doesn’t happen naturally. Inclusive Leadership is a skill. It can be learned. And that learning requires studying the views of experts—practitioners, role models, and scholars. The chapter authors in this book have much to offer those who want to be an inclusive leader.  And the world needs everyone to be an inclusive leader." —Julie O’Mara, Board Chair, The Centre for Global Inclusion, Co-author, Global D&I Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World and Past-President, American Society for Training and Development (now ATD), USA

    "Now more than ever, organizations need to challenge their dominant leadership paradigms. The future of work lies in fostering inclusive leadership for all of our teams, organizations, and communities. This outstanding volume, which brings together perspectives, insights, and best practices from leading thinkers and practitioners in the field, provides the deep guidance that is needed to help leaders develop these new skills and mindsets." — Allan H. Church, PhD, Senior Vice President Global Talent Management, PepsiCo, and Co-editor, Handbook of Strategic 360 Feedback

    "Inclusive Leadership is a valuable addition to the field of diversity and inclusion. The collection of perspectives and resources included in the text provides a guidebook for creating and transforming organizational cultures to be more inclusive of all of their employees, customers and stakeholders. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the book is its practicality. Any organizational leader will benefit from reading and applying these insights!" —Howard Ross, Author of Everyday Bias and of Our Search for Belonging, USA

    "This book will become the go-to resource for anyone who believes that inclusion is a necessary function of leadership in order to achieve a just and equitable society. It simplifies the complexities and challenges at individual, group, and systemic levels. It also illuminates the hard-won lessons and provides practical tools of brilliant practitioners who have a pragmatic approach to this work." — Joe Goldman, President, Democracy Fund, USA

    "If choosing the journey to become an inclusive leader, you will find no better roadmap than this book. You can peruse the landscape for a broad view, or meander into specifics—competencies and practices, tools and tips. For sure, upon reading this book, how and why to become an inclusive leader will not be in doubt." — Barbara Deane, Co-founder and Co-director, Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion, Editor-in-Chief, DiversityCentral.com, and Associate Editor, Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion

    "This book on inclusive leadership is a comprehensive and valuable resource for creating and maintaining inclusive leaders, organizations, and societies. Deeply researched by a broad array of voices from various backgrounds, organizations, and cultures, it provides a roadmap for what all leadership should look like." — Steven Humerickhouse, Executive Director, The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, Augsburg University, USA

    "Take advantage of this well-crafted volume to deepen your understanding and practice of inclusive leadership. Try exploring its rich perspectives with an inclusive mindset: Pick a chapter that resonates with you—you’ll be affirmed and likely inspired by it. Pick another chapter that seems unfamiliar or a bit weird—you’ll be stretched and perhaps intrigued by it. Both good outcomes for a diverse world!" — Cynthia McCauley, PhD, Senior Fellow, Center for Creative Leadership, USA

    "Inclusive Leadership is a tour de force, illustrating both the clarity and the complexity of intersectionality and authentic selves in organizations. The remarkable timeliness of this collection, combined with the deep scholarship and thought that underlies it, makes it a ‘must-have’ for any student or practitioner of leadership who is concerned with equity, social justice, and inclusion." — Bill Berman, PhD, CEO, Berman Leadership Development, and Past-President, Society of Consulting Psychology

    "In the world today, leadership often means change. Leading change effectively means involving the people who are expected to bring about the change. Inclusive leadership guarantees this involvement and therefore leads to commitment to change and the generation of ideas that provide creativity. Thanks to Ferdman and his colleagues we have with this exceptional book evidence and stories that support the need for outstanding change leadership." – W. Warner Burke, PhD, E. L. Thorndike Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, USA

    "The future will belong to leaders and organizations that can create and maintain a culture of inclusion and respect—in business, political life, and society overall. Bernardo Ferdman is a master at helping individuals and teams learn to do this, and he and his fellow editors have brought the best of scholarship and practice to this book. Inclusive Leadership will be a key resource for the enlightened manager." — Laurie Dowling, Executive Director, National Utilities Diversity Council