1st Edition

Increasing Management Relevance and Competitiveness
Proceedings of the 2nd Global Conference on Business, Management and Entrepreneurship (GC-BME 2017), August 9, 2017, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia

ISBN 9780815374558
Published April 18, 2018 by CRC Press
522 Pages

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Book Description

Increasing Management Relevance and Competitiveness contains the papers presented at the Global Conference on Business, Management and Entrepreneurship (the 2nd GC-BME 2017), Surabaya, Indonesia on the 9th of August, 2017.

The book covers 7 topics:

1. Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Human Resources Management
2. Innovation, Operations and Supply Chain Management
3. Marketing Management
4. Financial Management and Accounting
5. Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, and Contemporary Issues
6. Green Business
7. Management and Economics Education.

Table of Contents

Strategic management, entrepreneurship and contemporary issues

Governance of financial intangible success factors: An option in building business resilience and sustainability
P. Sugito

The influences of the alliance learning process and entrepreneurial orientation on the strategic alliance performance of Indonesian construction companies
R. Handayani & R. Dyah Kusumastuti

Assessing necessity and opportunity-based entrepreneurship: An analysis of demographic characteristics, propensity for new ventures and entrepreneurial motivation (a study of labor forces and entrepreneurs in Padang, Indonesia)
H. Rahman & D. Lesmana

Critical assessment on zakat management: Zakat scorecard model
T. Widiastuti, S. Herianingrum & I. Mawardi

Investigating entrepreneurial orientation impact on project performance in highly regulated industry: A case of renewable power industry in Indonesia
F.A. Firman, R.D. Kusumastuti, H.T. Kurniawan & I.M. Ruky

How to survive in the modern era: Integrated local entrepreneurs, the traditional market and the modern store
P.P.D. Astuti, Y. Setyowati & A.A.G.S. Utama

The influence of Islamic service quality toward bank customer loyalty and satisfaction of BRISyariah Surabaya
M.Q. Fauzi, S. Herianingrum, T. Widiastuti & R.P. Putra

Management accounting practices in micro enterprises in the Sleman Regency, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
A.C. Laksmi & A.P. Putra

The power of finance: The dynamics of female entrepreneurs in fulfilling their financial needs
M.R. Rita, S. Wahyudi & H. Muharam

Entrepreneurial orientation in a family business group: The role of the corporate center and its effect on business unit performance
O. Pendrian, K.A. Karnen, R. Rachmawati & R.D. Kusumastuti

Developing entrepreneurship for the performing arts community through an art incubation model
J. Masunah & R. Milyartini

Capability to contest on market performance
B.M. Sukoco & R.R. Maulana

The influence of the socio-economic status of parents toward entrepreneurial attitudes
H. Mulyadi, M. Arief Ramdhany & S. Sulastri

Analysis of the factors affecting the elected mode of transportation for workers using an analytical hierarchy process
E. Mahpudin & H. Sulistiyo

Multidimensional approach for assessing service quality in the service industry
Y.D. Lestari

The influence of entrepreneurship orientation and management capability on performance of small and medium enterprises in Bogor
A. Setyo Pranowo, H. Hari Mulyadi, Z. Musannip Efendi Siregar & Y. Hendayana

The influence of family factors on expatriate performance
N. Kartika

Is firm size an important determinant for firms in establishing political connections?
N.N. Amorita, D. Agustia & I. Harymawan

Integration of corporate social responsibility and resource based theory to create and capture value
N. Nandang & H. Mulyadi


Organizational behavior, leadership and human resources management

Superior performance model of human resources
T. Yuniarsih, Disman & M.D. Sugiharto

The impact of fiscal decentralization on economic growth and manpower absorbed at districts/cities in South Kalimantan Province
Muzdalifah & R. Purwono

Work-family conflict and satisfactions: A job demand-resources model perspective
J. Sulistiawan

Building employee engagement through transformational leadership, psychological empowerment and affective commitment
P. Yulianti & N. Hamidah

The impact of transformational leadership, learning organization and job autonomy on creative self-efficacy
I.B.G.A. Permana & W. Astiti

Enhancing commitment to organizational change initiative and performance outcomes
N.A. Arina & P. Yulianti

The influence of Perception of Usefulness (PoU) and Perceived Ease of Use (PEU) on the perception of information system performance
F. Sayekti & L.E. Wijayanti

Knowledge sharing benefits: The contingency effects of environmental contexts
A. Qomariyah

The antecedents of entrepreneurial intentions in students of Airlangga university (A study of student participants in WEBS in the faculty of economics and business)
P. Yulianti & I.G.N.W.H. Saputra

Effect of proactive personality and Organizational Support for Career Development (OSCD) on career satisfaction and job performance
V. Octia & D. Ratmawati

The effects of transformational and transactional leadership on work performance of middle-level leaders with organizational commitment as mediator: A study of state-owned company, Pelabuhan Indonesia III Inc.
A. Eliyana, S. Maarif & R.J. Sunarsono

Transformational leadership style, team performance and team job satisfaction: Mediation by levels of cognitive trust and collective efficacy
P. Yulianti & R. Sanjaya

The impact of self-efficacy and perceived organizational support on operational managers’ readiness to change
H. Prima & A. Eliyana


Marketing management

Factors affecting customer retention in a priority banking program
I.R. Aliyah, S. Soebandhi & A. Baktiono

The impact of messages assertiveness on compliance with perceived importance as a moderation variable on the anti-cigarette campaign in Surabaya
Kristiningsih, R.S. Wuryaningrum & A. Trimarjono

Demographic variables and environmentally friendly behavior in a developing country
T. Handriana

Antecedents and consequences of ongoing search information
D.T. Firmansyah & D. Mardhiyah

Role of negative brand name perception and religiosity on brand attitude
S. Gunawan & R.T. Ratnasari

The effects of good/bad news on consumer responses toward higher education
G.C. Premananto & M.H. Hanafiah

Examining leadership style and advertising evaluation on employees’ customer focus
R.A. Aisyah & N.A. Arina

The effect of airline sale promotion types on consumers’ attitudes toward brand and purchase intentions
M. Kurniawati

The influence of celebgrams, e-WOM, and pictures on impulse buying
Hartini, Sri & Uswatun

Value propositions of supermarkets
R. Rinawati

Empirical study of perceived quality information and perceived information security impact on online purchasing in Indonesia
L. Lisnawati, L.A. Wibowo & P. Andi

Measuring religiosity and its effects on attitude and intention to wear a hijab: Revalidating the scale
H.A. Wibowo & M.R. Masitoh


Management and economics education

Communication skills of accountants and managers in Indonesia
Y.L. Rudianto & A.R. Sridadi

Factors knowledge management and the work motivation of lecturers

The role of talent management in student performance in higher education
D. Purwaningsih

Strategy to build universities
P. Dewi Dirgantari, B. Widjajanta & L. Lisnawati

Factors affecting the improvement of students’ Grade Point Average (GPA)
A.B. Santoso, E.C.M. Simatupang & R.H. Sofyandi


Innovation, operations and supply chain management

Analysis of the small segment credit business process at Bank ABC Indonesia
A.C. Saifullah & R.D. Kusumastuti

The identification of defects in rubber slipper production using the six sigma method
T.A. Auliandri & M.A. Setiani

The design of service quality improvement in a library by using LibQUAL model and fishbone diagram
F. Wurjaningrum & A. Kurniawan

The strategic role of Indonesia in Global Value Chains (GVC)
M.A. Esquivias, D.W. Sari & R.D. Handoyo

Service innovation: The moderating effects of environmental contingencies
N. Anridho

Efficiency and total-factor productivity in the manufacturing industry in 33 provinces of Indonesia

Academic excellence and total quality supply chain management in higher education
I. Usman & Windijarto


Financial management and accounting

The influence of usage accounting information on small medium enterprise’s perception
S. Mintarti, D.M. Sari & T. Fitriastuti

Determinants of banks’ net interest margin in five South East Asian countries
M. Gitanadya & R. Setiawan

The effect of monetary policy and macroeconomic variables on foreign portfolio investment in Indonesia
N.F. Anne & R. Purwono

Internal factors, external factors, and bank liquidity in Indonesia
I.M. Sudana & A.F. Akbar

The obstacles in developing Indonesia’s sovereign sukuk
N. Laila, F.F. Hasib & M. Anshori

The effect of trading volume changes on JKSE’s market return
M. Madyan, S. Hasan & D.F. Putri

The influence of the profitability indicator, capital and performing loans on the liquidity of the bank in the Indonesian stock exchange
O.V.B. Nainggolan

Corporate governance performance evaluation of banks operating in Indonesia
F. Budhijono

What drives finance pattern debt companies to pay dividends in Indonesia?
L. Gestanti & G. Memarista

Diversification, firm value and government ownership
S.A. Usman & C. Sulistyowati

Do operating costs, investment returns and claims have an effect on contributions?
D.F. Septiarini

Crowdfunding new paradigm for financing: Operational pattern of crowdfunding in Indonesia
S.R. Arifin & Wisudanto

Different ways to solve the liquidity problem of Indonesian Islamic microfinance
I. Mawardi & T. Widiastuti

Determinant of banks stock risk in Indonesia
R. Setiawan & R. Anggraeni

Degree of internationalization and firm financial performance
F. Ismiyanti

Cost efficiency of Indonesian banks over different groups of capital
M. Anwar

Analysis of investor preference in investing on initial public offering
M. Sari

Female directors, nationality diversity, and firm performance: Evidence from the mining industry in Indonesia
Y.S. Putri, M. Nasih & I. Harymawan

Sharia governance framework in Islamic banking and financial institutions in Indonesia: A proposed structure
M.I.S. Mihajat

Mediating role of Investment Opportunity Set (IOS) on diversification–corporate value relationship: Empirical study of manufacturing companies in the IDX, 2013–2015
D.W.I. Hartono, B. Tjahjadi, N. Soewarno & Y. Permatasari

Underpricing, operating performance, long-term market performance, and the probability of conducting seasoned equity offerings of IPO in Indonesian capital market
N. Sasikirono, Djumahir & A. Djazuli

The effects of firm size, good corporate governance, and business risk towards financial performance with corporate social responsibility as the moderating variable
N. Soewarno, E.S. Wulandari & B. Tjahjadi

The effect of good corporate governance on financial performance with capital structure and earnings management as mediating variables
N. Soewarno, B. Tjahjadi & B.D.P. Utomo

The impact of IFRS adoption on earnings management in the banking and mining sectors
H. Musvosvi

Managerial ownership and corporate diversification in the family and non-family businesses
T. Perdana & N. Fitdiarini

CEO gender, corporate finance decisions, and performance
R.H. Setianto & J. Mahbubi

Empirical testing of the accuracy of various theory models to measure the value of the firm
N.D. Kusumaningrum & I.M. Narsa

Determinant variables of the performance rating of banks operating in Indonesia

Fraud prevention analysis in the financial management of local government
A.A. Nugroho & Y.N. Supriadi

The effect of leverage and profitability on stock return: A study on the mining sector companies listed on the Indonesia stock exchange for the period 2011–2015
Y. Hendayana, H. Hari Mulyadi, Z. Musannip Efendi Siregar & A. Setyo Pranowo

Asymmetric information at first seasoned equity offering in the Indonesian capital market
H. Meidiaswati, Basuki & A. Irwanto

Efficiency analysis of economic empowerment program in Surabaya National Amil Zakat Institution using Data Envelopment Analysis method (DEA)
F. Ramadhani & E.F. Cahyono

Impact of interest rates, money supply, treasury bill and borrowing on exchange rate volatility in Indonesia
W. Utama & Nugraha

Determinants of non-performing loan comparative study of banks in Indonesia and Nepal
S.K. Singh & I.M. Sudana

Bank specific variable and credit risk analysis on Islamic banking in the world
K.A. Effendi & N. Nugraha


Green business

When and how does the business become green? Green knowledge consequence for management and organization
Susminingsih, K. Chandra Kirana & S. Hermuningsih

The role of financial technology for the agricultural sector in Indonesia: Case study of I-Grow FinTech company
T. Widiastuti, R. Sukmana, I. Mawardi, Wahyuningsih & I.W. Indrawan

Gintingan in the Subang district of West Java: An implementation of local wisdom in sustainable development in Indonesia
K. Saefullah

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Badri Munir Sukoco, Rahmat Heru Setianto & Nidya Ayu Arina work at Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia

Ade Gafar Abdullah, Asep Bayu Nandiyanto & Ratih Hurriyati work at Universitas Pendidikan, Indonesia.