1st Edition

Incremental Conceptualization for Language Production

By Markus Guhe Copyright 2007
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Incremental Conceptualization for Language Production discusses the simultaneous actions involved in thinking and speaking, as well as the piecemeal way in which individuals construct an internal representation of the external world and use this internal representation for speaking. Author Markus Guhe presents the first computational model that captures these observations in a cognitively adequate fashion. The volume is an innovative look at the mind’s process of producing semantic representations that can be transformed into language.
    The first section of the book illustrates four stages of conceptualization: construction of a conceptual representation; selection of content to be verbalized; linearization of the selected content; and generation of preverbal messages. Guhe then analyzes incremental processing — processing that takes place in a piecemeal fashion — and offers a blueprint of incremental models while discussing the dimensions along which the processing principles and the blueprint varies. Finally, incremental processing and conceptualization merge to form the incremental conceptualiser model (inC). The effective use of inC is demonstrated through simulations carried out with the implementation of the model.
    Intended for researchers in cognitive science, particularly cognitive modeling of language, this volume will also interest researchers in artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, and linguistics and psychology.

    Contents: Preface. Introduction. Part I: Conceptualization. Language Production. Conceptualization. Conceptual Representations. Part II: Incrementality. Incrementality. Incremental Representations. Resources, Rationality, Anytime, and the Frame Problem. Part III: Inc—The Incremental Conceptualizer. Architecture. Current Conceptual Representation (CCR). Construction. Selection & Linearization. Preverbal Message Generation. Simulations. Monitoring and Self-Corrections. Part IV: Results. Evaluation and Enhancements. This Book's Theses. Appendix A: Referential Nets. Appendix B: System Output of INC. Appendix C: Verbalizations of Motion Events.


    Markus Guhe