Indecent Theology brings liberation theology up to date by introducing the radical critical approaches of gender, postcolonial, and queer theory. Grounded in actual examples from Latin America, Marcella Althaus-Reid's highly provocative, but immaculately researched book reworks three distinct areas of theology - sexual, political and systematic. It exposes the connections between theology, sexuality and politics, whilst initiating a dramatic sexual rereading of systematic theology.
    Groundbreaking, intriguing and scholarly, Indecent Theology broadens the debate on sexuality and theology as never before.

    Introduction; Chapter 1 Indecent proposals for women who would like to do theology without using underwear; Chapter 2 The indecent Virgin; Chapter 3 Talking obscenities to theology; Chapter 4 The theology of sexual stories; Chapter 5 Grandes medidas económicas;


    Marcella Althaus-Reid is Lecturer in Christian Ethics and Practical Theology at the University of Edinburgh. She is a Latin American theologian who trained during the years of political conflict in the southern cone of South America.

    'This is imaginative theology at its best - theoretically challenging, politically inspired and physically embodied ... it beautifully disturbs and sets a new agenda for a 'Queer' theology ... to embrace the world of unknown and unexplored theological desires.' - Jeremy Carrette, University of Stirling, Literature and Theology