1st Edition

Independence and Integration of Perception and Action A Special Issue of Visual Cognition

Edited By Robert Ward Copyright 2002
    310 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The remarkable complexity and sophistication of our perceptual systems have evolved for ultimately one purpose - to promote efficient and effective action within a constantly changing environment. Traditionally, the route from perception to action has often been viewed as a single, one-directional sequence of stages, which begins with a stimulus presentation and ends with a response. This view has tended to emphasize the separation of perception from action, with the result that studies of stimulus and response processing have often been carried out in isolation from each other. The work in this issue takes a different approach, which reflects renewed and increasing interest in how cognitive systems for vision and action are integrated. The studies here explore multiple pathways between vision and action, the ways in which vision promotes action, and even the conditions and degree to which action and its consequences can influence vision. A variety of methods and theoretical approaches are represented, in studies examining spatial coding, object processing, motor behaviour, attentional bias, and codes for action.

    R. Ward, Independence and Integration of Perception and Action: An Introduction. B. Hommel, W.X. Schneider, Visual Attention and Manual Response Selection: Distinct Mechanisms Operating on the Same Codes. P. Wühr, J. Müsseler, Blindness to Response-compatible Stimuli in the Psychological-refractory-period Paradigm. C. Bonfiglioli, J. Duncan, C. Rorden, S. Kennett, Action and Perception: Evidence against Converging Selection Processes. S. Mattes, R. Ulrich, J. Miller, Response Force in RT Tasks: Isolating Effects of Stimulus Probability and Response Probability. J. Fleming, R.L. Klatzky, M. Behrmann, Time Course of Planning for Object and Action Parameters in Visually Guided Manipulation. M. Grosjean, J.T. Mordkoff, Post-response Stimulation and the Simon Effect: Further Evidence of Action-effect Integration. J.C. Phillips, R. Ward, S-R Correspondence Effects of Irrelevant Visual Affordance: Time-course and Specificity of Response Activation. A. Pavese, L.J. Buxbaum, Action Matters: The Role of Action Plans and Object Affordances in Selection for Action. S.P. Tipper, Action-centred Negative Priming: Evidence for Reactive Inhibition. E.Y. Yoon, D. Heinke, G.W. Humphreys, Modelling Direct Perceptual Constraints on Action Selection: The Naming and Action Model (NAM). J.A. Phillips, G.W. Humphreys, U. Noppeney, C.J. Price, The Neural Substrates of Action Retrieval: An Examination of Semantic and Visual Routes to Action.


    Robert Ward