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India Migration Report

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This annual series strives to bring together international networks of migration scholars and policymakers to document and discuss research on various facets of migration. It encourages interdisciplinary commentaries on diverse aspects of the migration experience and continues to focus on the economic, social, cultural, ethical, security, and policy ramifications of international movements of people.

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India Migration Report 2013 Social Costs of Migration

India Migration Report 2013: Social Costs of Migration

1st Edition

Edited By S. Irudaya Rajan
August 23, 2018

This volume is an empirical assessment of an often-neglected space in migration research — social, psychological and human costs for both migrants and the families they leave behind — based on qualitative and quantitative research findings. Globally, the focus of migration research has consisted of...

India Migration Report 2015 Gender and Migration

India Migration Report 2015: Gender and Migration

1st Edition

Edited By S. Irudaya Rajan
November 28, 2017

India Migration Report 2015 explores migration and its crucial linkages with gender. This volume: • studies important issues such as irregular migration, marriage migration and domestic labour migration, as well as the interconnections of migration, gender and caste; • highlights the relationship ...

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