1st Edition

India-Pakistan in War and Peace

By J. N. Dixit Copyright 2002

    As the Kashmir dispute brings India and Pakistan ominously close to nuclear war this book provides a compelling account of the history and politics of these two great South Asian rivals. Like the Israel-Palestine struggle, the Indian-Pakistan rivalry is a legacy of history. The two countries went to war within months of becoming independent and, over the following half-century, they have fought three other wars and clashed at the United Nations and every other global forum. It is a complex conflict, over religion and territory with two diametrically opposed views of nationhood and national imagination. J.N. Dixit, former Foreign Secretary of India, and one of the world's leading authorities on the region, has written a balanced and very readable account of the most tempestuous and potentially dangerous flashpoint in international politics.

    Introduction 1. IC-814 to Kandahar 2. Implications ofn the Kargil War 3. Tunnel Visionaries 4. Wellsprings of antagonism 5. From Democracy to Dictatorship and War 6. The Break-up of Pakistan 7. Coup to Coup: Pakistan 1972-1999 8. Kashmir 9. India and Pakistan - Nuclear Weapons States 10. Retrospect and Prospects 11. The Agra Summit and After 12. Uncertainties or Opportunities Appendices


    J. N. Dixit