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    The articles in this volume are all landmarks in the evolution of modern studies in Indian logic. The book traces the development of modern studies in Indian logic from their beginnings right up to the latest work.

    Preface Introduction: Indian Logic and the Colonization of Reason Chapter 1: The Philosophy of the Hindus: On the Nyaya and Vaisesika Systems (1824) Chapter 2: On Indian Logic (1853) Chapter 3: A Note on the Indian Syllogism (1924) Chapter 4: Studies in Indian Logic (1932-3) Chapter 5: On the Method of Research into Nyaya (1933) Chapter 6: Logic in India (1955) Chapter 7: The Indian Variety of Logic (1956) Chapter 8: The Concept of Paks.a in Indian Logic (1973) Chapter 9: Some Aspects of the Navya-Nyaya Theory of Inference (1987) Chapter 10: Introducing Indian Logic (1998)


    Dr Jonardon Ganeri

    'This book widely covers the entire range of logical reasoning in Indian thought. At several places we comes across astute interpretations of Indian logic by various scholars. The unique contours and distinctive features of Indian logic by comparing and contrasting it with Western logic are effectively elucidated by the authors of the articles. Even the subtle nuances among the Indian theories of logical reasoning are well substantiated in the course of their argument. For these findings the editor deserves appreciationl.' - The Hindu