1st Edition

Indigenous Pathways into Social Research Voices of a New Generation

Edited By Donna M Mertens, Fiona Cram, Bagele Chilisa Copyright 2013
    414 Pages
    by Routledge

    413 Pages
    by Routledge

    A new generation of indigenous researchers is taking its place in the world of social research in increasing numbers. These scholars provide new insights into communities under the research gaze and offer new ways of knowing to traditional scholarly models. They also move the research community toward more sensitive and collaborative practices. But it comes at a cost. Many in this generation have met with resistance or indifference in their journeys through the academic system and in the halls of power. They also often face ethical quandaries or even strong opposition from their own communities. The life stories in this book present the journeys of over 30 indigenous researchers from six continents and many different disciplines. They show, in their own words, the challenges, paradoxes, and oppression they have faced, their strategies for overcoming them, and how their work has produced more meaningful research and a more just society.

    1: The Journey Begins; 2: The Process that Led Me to Become an Indigenous Researcher; 3: I Never Really Had Any Role Models; 4: Indigenism, Public Intellectuals, and the Forever Opposed—Or, the Makings of a “Hori Academic”; 5: Becoming a Kaupapa M?ori Researcher; 6: An African Narrative: The Journey of an Indigenous Social Researcher in South Africa; 7: Drawn from the Traditions of Cameroon: Lessons from Twenty-One Years of Practice; 8: Indigenous Research with a Cultural Context; 9: Being and Becoming an Indigenous Social Researcher; 10: Indigenous Researcher's Thoughts: An Experience from Research with Communities in Burkina Faso Using Participatory Methods; 11: Becoming an Indigenous Researcher in Interior Alaska: Sharing the Transformative Journey; 12: An Aboriginal Health Worker's Research Story; 13: Nurturing the Gift of Understanding Different Realities; 14: Inuujunga: The Intricacy of Indigenous and Western Epistemologies in the Arctic; 15: The Context within: My Journey into Research; 16: Prospects and Challenges of Becoming an Indigenous Researcher; 17: Hinerauwh?riki 1 : Tapestries of Life for Four M?ori Women in Evaluation; 18: Research in Relationship with Humans, the Spirit World, and the Natural World; 19: Lens from the “Bottom of the Well”; 20: Neyo way in ik issi: A Family Practice of Indigenist Research Informed by Land; 21: A Native Papua New Guinea Researcher; 22: From Refusal to Getting Involved in Romani Research; 23: Interpreting the Journey: Where Words, Stories Formed; 24: The Onward Journey


    Bagele Chilisa, Donna M Mertens, Fiona Cram