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Indigenous and Environmental Social Work

About the Series

Sustainability is the social justice issue of the century. This series adopts a global and interdisciplinary approach to explore the impact of the harmful relationship between humans and the environment in relation to social work practice and theory.

It will offer cutting-edge analysis, pioneering case studies and current theoretical perspectives concerning the examination and treatment of social justice issues created by a disregard for non-Western cultures and environmental detachment. The books will examine a broad range of subjects, from indigenous social work practice, to applications of green social work, to the social worker’s response to natural disasters, all connected by a commitment to indigenous and environmentally relevant social work. They will show an engagement with disciplines such as sociology, law, science and technology, religion and spirituality, critical studies, public policy, crisis management and political policy, and in doing so encourage a transdisciplinary conversation with the aim of promoting practical action.

This series contains books invaluable to students, researchers and practitioners in a world where environmental exploitation and an ignorance of indigenous peoples is violating the principles of social justice. Key theoretical, methodology and services issues and challenges in indigenous and environmental social work are reviewed, as are the ways in which adaptation can lead to more effective practices.

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Ubuntu Philosophy and Decolonising Social Work Fields of Practice in Africa

Ubuntu Philosophy and Decolonising Social Work Fields of Practice in Africa

1st Edition


Edited By Janestic Mwende Twikirize, Sharlotte Tusasiirwe, Rugare Mugumbate
October 20, 2023

This book addresses a recurrent gap in social work literature by examining Ubuntu as an Indigenous African philosophy that informs social work beyond the largely residual and individualistic conceptualisation of social work that currently prevails in many contexts. Owing to the lack of social work ...

Climate Change, Small-Scale Fisheries, and Blue Justice Fishscapes and Alternative Worldviews

Climate Change, Small-Scale Fisheries, and Blue Justice: Fishscapes and Alternative Worldviews

1st Edition

By Sunil Santha
April 14, 2023

This book is a narrative non-fiction, based on the patchy epistemologies of traditional small-scale fishers in India and the Indian Ocean region. It specifically explores the impact of climate change on Fish and Fishers, and the mutual entanglements in their eco-social world. Further, it critically...

Climate Change and Adaptive Innovation A Model for Social Work Practice

Climate Change and Adaptive Innovation: A Model for Social Work Practice

1st Edition

By Sunil Santha
April 15, 2020

The world is witnessing climate change. As responsible citizens of planet earth, we can actively participate in the co-creation of actionable knowledge and solutions. There may not be a single and linear pathway to adaptation anymore. This book explores multiple and iterative pathways of adapting ...

Eco-activism and Social Work New Directions in Leadership and Group Work

Eco-activism and Social Work: New Directions in Leadership and Group Work

1st Edition

Edited By Dyann Ross, Martin Brueckner, Marilyn Palmer, Wallea Eaglehawk
November 28, 2019

Social workers are called upon to shift from a human-centric bias to an ecological ethical sensibility by embracing love as integral to their justice mission and by extending the idea of social justice to include environmental and species justice. This book presents the love ethic model as a ...

Decolonised and Developmental Social Work A Model from Nepal

Decolonised and Developmental Social Work: A Model from Nepal

1st Edition

By Raj Yadav
March 21, 2019

This is the first book to cover existing debates on decolonising and developmental social work whilst equipping readers with the understanding of how to translate the idea of decolonisation of social work into practice. Using new empirical data and an extensive detail of social, cultural, and ...

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