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Indo-Pacific in Context

About the Series

This series brings together topical research on contemporary and long-standing issues encompassing the Asia-Pacific region.

With countries steeped in history, communities diverse in cultures, developing economies and emerging markets, Asia-Pacific has emerged as the key stakeholder in a world order in flux. The region has solidified its presence in the global political discourse through multilateral initiatives, defence agreements, and strategic partnerships. It has emerged as a zone of contestations, conflict, and cooperation.

The works published in this series showcase interdisciplinary research in the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences, including a range of subject areas such as politics and international relations, international economy, sociology and social anthropology, women, gender and sexuality studies, history, geo-politics, military studies, area studies, cultural studies, environment and sustainability, development studies, migration studies, urban development, digital humanities, and science and technology studies.

Works in the series are published simultaneously in UK/US and South Asia editions, as well as in e-book format. We welcome a range of books aimed at furthering scholarship and understanding of the Asia-Pacific region. Authors and researchers interested in contributing to this series may get in touch with [email protected]

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The New World Politics of the Indo-Pacific Perceptions, Policies and Interests

The New World Politics of the Indo-Pacific: Perceptions, Policies and Interests

1st Edition


Edited By Josukutty C A, Joyce Sabina Lobo
June 03, 2024

The book offers a vivid analysis of the new geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific in terms of big power rivalry between the US-China and country-wise perspectives situating largely within the late 2000s and culminates with the developments of the COVID-19 period. The great power shift, marked by the rise...

The Routledge Handbook of Populism in the Asia Pacific

The Routledge Handbook of Populism in the Asia Pacific

1st Edition

Edited By D. B. Subedi, Howard Brasted, Karin von Strokirch, Alan Scott
September 29, 2023

This handbook brings national and thematic case studies together to examine a variety of populist politics from local and comparative perspectives in the Asia Pacific. The chapters consider key and cross cutting themes such as populism and nationalism, religion, ethnicity and gender, as well as ...

Japan and its Partners in the Indo-Pacific Engagements and Alignment

Japan and its Partners in the Indo-Pacific: Engagements and Alignment

1st Edition

Edited By Srabani Roy Choudhury
May 12, 2023

The book studies the development of Japan’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) vision. As strategic competition grows, the lessons from the pandemic, the deepening Sino-US rivalry, and the United States losing grip on the current world strategic environment all compel Japan to focus its attention on...

Handbook of Indo-Pacific Studies

Handbook of Indo-Pacific Studies

1st Edition

Edited By Barbara Kratiuk, Jeroen Van den Bosch, Aleksandra Jaskólska, Yoichiro Sato
March 08, 2023

This handbook explores the significance of the Indo-Pacific in world politics. It shows how the re-emergence of the Indo-Pacific in international relations has fundamentally changed the approach to politics, economics and security. The volume: explores the themes related to trade, politics and ...

The Superpowers’ Playground Djibouti and Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific in the 21st Century

The Superpowers’ Playground: Djibouti and Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific in the 21st Century

1st Edition

By Sankalp Gurjar
December 30, 2022

This book analyses the evolving geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific region and explains how Djibouti fits in the global strategies of four major powers—the US, China, Japan, and France. It shows how Djibouti is emerging as a key nation in the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific, explores the ...

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