1st Edition

Indoor Air Pollution Radon, Bioaerosols, and VOCs

    Indoor Air Pollution: Radon, Bioaerosols, and VOCs covers the most current aspects of indoor pollution research, including vitally important topics such as radon, bioaerosols, and volatile organic compounds. The book presents information on microbial contamination abatement, chemical characterization of air samples, sick building syndrome, biological pollutants, liability of indoor air pollution, and measurement and control of radon. Industrial hygienists, toxicologists, safety officers, and engineers in industry and academia should consider this book a "must read" selection.

    PART I: Overview of Indoor Air Pollution. Liability for Indoor Air Pollution. Biological Pollutants in the Indoor Environment. Design of Projects for the Abatement of Microbial Contamination. Sustained Reduction of Aerobiological Densities in Buildings by Modification of Interior Surfaces with Silane Modified Quaternary Amines. Indoor and Outdoor Concentrations of Organic Compounds Associated with Airborne Particles: Results Using a Novel Solvent System. Methods for Chemical Characterization of Air Samples-PTEAM Prepilot Study. Indoor Ozone Exposures Resulting from the Infiltration of Outdoor Ozone. The Effect of "Building Bake-Out" Conditions on Volatile Organic Compound Emissions. Air Cleaners for Indoor Air Pollution Control. PART II: Radon Overview. The Initial Atmospheric Behavior of Radon Decay Products. Properties of Unattached Polonium-218 in Gas Systems Containing Trace Amounts of Hydrocarbons (Hexane, Ethylene, or Methane). Sorption of Radon on Porous Materials and the Importance to Control of Radon in the Indoor Environment. Criteria for Closed Chamber Measurements of Radon Emanation Rate. Determination of the Combined Collection-Counting Efficiency of Radon Progeny on Wire Screens.


    Jack G. Kay (Drexel University) (Author) , George E. Keller (Author) , Jay F. Miller (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque) (Author)