1st Edition

Indoor Air Quality & Human Health

By Isaac Turiel Copyright 1985

    First published in 1985. This book seeks to fill the gap of publicly available and understandable information on the subject of indoor air pollution and its public health effects. Its purpose is to provide general information on indoor air pollution sources and the pollutants commonly found indoors, and also to explore the potential health effects arising from exposure to these pollutants

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Formaldehyde and Other Household Contaminants; Chapter 3 Radon; Chapter 4 Part Iculates; Chapter 5 Combustion Products; Chapter 6 Involuntary Smoking; Chapter 7 Energy-Efficient Buildings and Indoor Air Quality; Chapter 8 Control of Indoor Air Pollutants; Chapter 9 Indoor Air Quality Problems in Office Buildings; Chapter 10 Legal and Regulatory Issues;


    Isaac Turiel