Induction Machines Handbook : Steady State Modeling and Performance book cover
3rd Edition

Induction Machines Handbook
Steady State Modeling and Performance

ISBN 9780367466121
Published June 3, 2020 by CRC Press
444 Pages 333 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Induction Machines Handbook: Steady State Modeling and Performance offers a thorough treatment of steady-state induction machines (IM), the most used electric motor (generator) in rather constant or variable speed drives, forever lower energy consumption and higher productivity in basically all industries, from home appliances, through robotics to e-transport and wind energy conversion.

Chapter 1 offers a detailed introduction from fundamental principles to topological classifications and most important applications and power ranges from tens of W to tens of MW.

Then individual Chapters 2 and 4 deal in detail with specific issues, such as

  • Magnetic, electric, and insulation materials
  • Electric windings and their mmf
  • Magnetization curve and inductance
  • Leakage inductances and resistances
  • Steady-state equivalent circuit and performance
  • Starting and speed control methods
  • Skin and on-load saturation effects
  • Field harmonics, parasitic torques, radial forces, noise
  • Losses
  • Thermal modeling
  • Single-phase induction machine basics
  • Single-phase induction motors: steady-state modeling and performance

Fully revised and updated to reflect the last decade’s progress in the field, this third edition adds new sections, such as

  • Multiphase and multilayer tooth-wound coil windings
  • The brushless doubly fed induction machine (BDFIM)
  • Equivalent circuits for BDFIM
  • Control principles for doubly fed IM
  • Magnetic saturation effects on current and torque versus slip curves
  • Rotor leakage reactance saturation
  • Closed-slot IM saturation
  • The origin of electromagnetic vibration by practical experience
  • PM-assisted split-phase cage-rotor IM’s steady state

The promise of renewable (hydro and wind) energy via cage-rotor and doubly fed variable speed generators e-transport propulsion and i-home appliances makes this third edition a state-of-the-art tool, conceived with numerous case studies and timely for both academia and industry.

Table of Contents

1. Induction Machines: An Introduction

2. Construction Aspects and Operation Principles

3. Magnetic, Electric, and Insulation Materials for IM

4. Induction Machine Windings and Their mmfs

5. The Magnetisation Curve and Inductance

6. Leakage Inductances and Resistances

7. Steady-State Equivalent Circuit and Performance

8. Starting and Speed Control Methods

9. Skin and On-Load Saturation Effects

10. Airgap Field Space Harmonics, Parasitic Torques, Radial Forces, and Noise Basics

11. Losses in Induction Machines

12. Thermal Modelling and Cooling

13. Single-Phase Induction Machines: The Basics

14. Single-Phase Induction Motors: Steady State

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Ion Boldea, IEEE Life Fellow, Professor Emeritus at University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania has taught, did research and published extensively papers and books (monographs and textbooks) over more than 45 years, related to rotary and linear electric motor/generator variable speed drives and MAGLEVS. He was a visiting Professor in USA, UK for more than 5 years since 1973 to present.
He was granted 4 IEEE best paper Awards, has been a member of IEEE IAS, IE MEC and IDC since 1992, was the guest editor of numerous special sections in IEEE Trans, vol. IE, IA, delivered keynote addresses at quite a few IEEE sponsored International Conferences, participated in IEEE Conference tutorials, is since 2008 an IEEE IAS distinguished lecturer (with lecture in USA, Brasil, S. Korea, Denmark, Italy, etc.). He held periodic intensive graduate courses for Academia and Industry in USA and Denmark in the last 20 years.