3rd Edition

Induction Machines Handbook Transients, Control Principles, Design and Testing

By Ion Boldea Copyright 2020
    456 Pages 342 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    456 Pages 342 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Induction Machines Handbook: Transients, Control Principles, Design and Testing presents a practical up-to-date treatment of intricate issues with induction machines (IM) required for design and testing in both rather constant- and variable-speed (with power electronics) drives. It contains ready-to-use industrial design and testing knowledge, with numerous case studies to facilitate a thorough assimilation of new knowledge.

    Individual Chapters 1 through 14 discuss in detail the following:

    • Three- and multiphase IM transients
    • Single-phase source IM transients
    • Super-high-frequency models and behavior of IM
    • Motor specifications and design principles
    • IM design below 100 kW and constant V1 and f1
    • IM design above 100 kW and constant V1 and f1
    • IM design principles for variable speed
    • Optimization design
    • Single-phase IM design
    • Three-phase IM generators
    • Single-phase IM generators
    • Linear induction motors
    • Testing of three-phase IMs
    • Single-phase IM testing

    Fully revised and amply updated to add the new knowledge of the last decade, this third edition includes special sections on

    • Multiphase IM models for transients
    • Doubly fed IMs models for transients
    • Cage-rotor synchronized reluctance motors
    • Cage-rotor PM synchronous motor
    • Transient operation of self-excited induction generator
    • Brushless doubly fed induction motor/generators
    • Doubly fed induction generators with D.C. output
    • Linear induction motor control with end effect
    • Recent trends in IM testing with power electronics
    • Cage-PM rotor line-start IM testing
    • Linear induction motor (LIM) testing

    This up-to-date book discusses in detail the transients, control principles, and design and testing of various IMs for line-start and variable-speed applications in various topologies, with numerous case studies. It will be of direct assistance to academia and industry in conceiving, designing, fabricating, and testing IMs (for the future) of various industries, from home appliances, through robotics, e-transport, and renewable energy conversion.

    1. Induction Machine Transients

    2. Single-Phase IM Transients

    3. Super-High-Frequency Models and Behaviour of IMs

    4. Motor Specifications and Design Principles

    5. IM Design below 100 KW and Constant V and f (Size Your Own IM)

    6. Induction Motor Design above 100 KW and Constant V and f (Size Your Own IM)

    7. Induction Machine Design for Variable Speed

    8. Optimization Design Issues

    9. Single-Phase IM Design

    10. Three-Phase Induction Generators

    11. Single-Phase Induction Generators

    12. Linear Induction Motors

    13. Testing of Three-Phase IMs

    14. Single-Phase IM Testing


    Ion Boldea, IEEE Life Fellow and Professor Emeritus at University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania, has taught, researched, and extensively published papers and books (monographs and textbooks) for more than 45 years related to rotary and linear electric motor/generator variable-speed drives, and maglevs. He was a visiting professor in the US and UK for more than 5 years between 1973 and the present.

    He was granted four IEEE Best Paper Awards, has been a member of IEEE IAS, IE MEC, and IDC since 1992, was the guest editor of numerous special sections in IEEE Trans, vol. IE, IA, delivered keynote addresses at several IEEE-sponsored International Conferences, participated in IEEE Conference tutorials, and has been an IEEE IAS distinguished lecturer since 2008 (with lectures in the US, Brazil, South Korea, Denmark, Italy, etc.). He has conducted periodic intensive graduate courses for academia and industry in the US and Denmark for the last 20 years.

    He was a general chair of ten biannual IEEE-sponsored OPTIM International Conferences (www.info-optim.ro) and is the founding and current chief editor, since 2000, of the internet-based Journal of Electrical Engineering (www.jee.ro).

    As a full member of the Romanian Academy, he received the 2015 IEEE Nikola Tesla Award for his contributions to the development of rotary and linear electric motor/generator drives and maglevs modeling, design, testing, and control in industrial applications.