1st Edition

Inductive Probability

By J. P. Day Copyright 1961

    First published in 1961, Inductive Probability is a dialectical analysis of probability as it occurs in inductions. The book elucidates on the various forms of inductive, the criteria for their validity, and the consequent probabilities. This survey is complemented with a critical evaluation of various arguments concerning induction and a consideration of relation between inductive reasoning and logic. The book promises accessibility to even casual readers of philosophy, but it will hold particular interest for students of Philosophy, Mathematics and Logic.

    Preface References 1. The Philosophical Problem of Inductive Probability 2. Subject-Predicate Inductive Probabilification-Judgement-Formulas 3. Functional Inductive Probabilification-Judgement-Formulas 4. Other Alleged Determinants of Inductive Probability 5. Inductive Probabilification by Elimination 6. Inductive Reasoning and Logic Appendix: Table of Formulas Index


    John Patrick Day