1st Edition

Industrial Applications of Microbial Enzymes

Edited By Pankaj Bhatt Copyright 2023
    350 Pages 20 Color & 21 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    350 Pages 20 Color & 21 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Microbial enzymes are important because they can be used for a wide variety of industrial purposes. There is dispersed and scanty information available with respect to microbial enzymes and their industrial applications. In this edited book, leading scientists have covered the various aspects of microbial enzymes and their industrial applications. Using microbial enzymes can help expedite various manufacturing processes and contribute to sustainable development, which is a priority worldwide. Research gaps in the entrainment of microbial enzymes with their direct application in product development are a major focus of this volume.

    Key Features
    • Covers microbial enzymes with comprehensive and in-depth information
    • Benefits students by describing recent advancements into microbial enzymology
    • Provides updates regarding microbial enzymes for researchers and industrial scientists
    • Includes findings on the microbial actions for better life

    Chapter 1. Recent advancement in microbial enzyme and their industrial application

    Pankaj Bhatt
    Samiksha Joshi
    Kalpana Bhatt

    Chapter 2. Production, purification and application of the microbial enzymes

    Anupam Pandey
    Ankita H. Tripathi
    Priyanka H. Tripathi

    Chapter 3. Recent advancements in microbial enzymes and their application in bioremediation of xenobiotic compounds

    Pankaj Bhatt
    Saurabh Gangola
    Samiksha Joshi
    Saurabh Kumar
    Narendra Singh Bhandari
    Samarth Terwari
    Om Prakash
    Amit Kumar Mittal

    Chapter 4. Industrial application of bacterial enzymes

    Md Shahbaz Anwar

    Chapter 5. A quick look-around of microbial enzymes in modern food industries, and dietary research

    Vineet Singh
    Anjali Pande
    Jai ho shin

    Chapter 6. Fungal enzymes in organic pollutants bioremediation

    Wojciech Smułek
    Adam Grzywaczyk
    Jakub Zdarta
    Ewa Kaczorek

    Chapter 7. Enzymes involved into the bioremediation of pesticides

    Jie Liu
    Sajjad Ahmad
    Dongming Cui
    Jiatai Guo
    Guohua Zhong

    Chapter 8. Esterases and their industrial applications

    Muhammad Bilal
    Hamza Rafeeq
    Asim Hussain
    Ayesha Safdar
    Sumaira shabbir
    Farooq Sher
    Marcelo Franco
    Hafiz M.N. Iqbal

    Chapter 9. Soil microbial enzymes; importance, significance and their industrial applications

    Sudipta Ramola
    Hemant Dasilaa
    Sarita Joshib

    Chapter 10. Application of microbial enzyme in industry and antibiotics production

    Rishendra Kumar
    Lokesh Tripathi
    Pankaj Bhatt

    Chapter 11. ACC deaminase producing bacteria: From alleviating plant stress to their commercial application for sustainable agriculture

    Anjali Pande
    Vineet Singh
    Byung wook Yun

    Chapter 12. Phytases, characteristic features and biotechnological applications in animals feed

    Syed Zakir Hussain Shah
    Mahroze Fatima
    Mehwish Khan
    Muhammad Bilal

    Chapter 13. Applications of immobilized ligninolytic enzymes in the degradation of industrial pollutants

    Muhammad Bilal
    Hamza Rafiq
    Sarmad Ahmad Qamar
    Asim Hussain
    Pankaj Bhatt
    Hafiz M.N. Iqbal

    Chapter 14. Role of streptokinase as a thrombolytic agent for medical applications

    Muhammad Bilal
    Hamza Rafeeq
    Muhammad Anjum Zia
    Asim Hussain
    Ayesha Safdar
    Hafiz M.N. Iqbal

    Chapter 15. Laccase assisted biocatalytic removal of lignin from lignocellulosic biomass

    Muhammad Bilal
    Sadia Noreen
    Sara Rehman
    Memoona Asif
    Hafiz M.N. Iqbal

    Chapter 16. Omics approaches for the production of the microbial enzymes and applications

    Parul Chaudhary
    Heena Parveen
    Anuj Chaudhary
    Rabiya Sultana
    Govind Kumar
    Priyanka Khati
    Meenakshi Rana
    Pankaj Bhatt


    Dr Pankaj Bhatt did his PhD Microbiology From G.B.P.U&T Pantnagar U.S Nagar India. His PhD work was on the molecular and proteomic basis of biodegradation of pesticides. He has published 50 research and review articles in reputed journals. He has authored 16 book chapters. He has edited four books with Elsevier, Springer and IGI Global previously. He has worked as an Assistant Professor at Department of Microbiology, Dolphin (P.G) College of Biomedical and Natural Sciences Dehradun, India. Now he is working as a Senior Researcher at Integrative Microbiology Research Centre of South China Agricultural University, China.