1st Edition

Industrial Biotechnology Sustainable Production and Bioresource Utilization

Edited By Devarajan Thangadurai, Jeyabalan Sangeetha Copyright 2016
    484 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    484 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    484 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    This important new book covers recent advancements, innovations, and technologies in industrial biotechnology, specifically addressing the application of various biomolecules in industrial production and in cleaning and environmental remediation sectors.

    The goal of industrial biotechnology is to develop new techniques and technologies to transform renewable raw materials into chemicals, materials, and fuels by the substitution of fossil fuels. With the increase in the world’s population and the resultant growing energy demand, the need for more energy can be successfully met with the advancements in industrial biotechnology. Currently across the globe significant research has been undertaken in the production of cleaner fuels, materials, and semi-synthetic chemicals, with environmental benefits. Developing countries have huge agricultural resources that could be utilized for production of value-added byproducts for the sustainable development of bio-based economy.

    The book opens with the chapter on the production of exopolysaccharides from halophilic microorganisms, a polymer that is normally very useful in various production sectors of the food, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries. The book goes on to cover:

    • The production of antimicrobial compounds from alkaliphilic bacteria

    • Thermophilic actinomycetes

    • Food, agro, and pharmaceutical potential and biotechnological applications of biosurfactants, halophiles, cyclodextrin glycosyl transferease, fungal chitinase, proteases, yeasts and yeast products

    Also covered in the book are the environmental aspects of industrial biotechnology such as the genetic enhancement for biofuel production, the production of biodegradable thermoplastics, advancements in the synthesis of bio-oil, ecofriendly treatment of agro-based lignocelluloses, and anaerobic bio reactors for hydrocarbon remediation.

    The international roster of chapter authors have been chosen for their renowned expertise and contribution to the various fields of industrial biotechnology. This book is suitable to chemists, biotechnologists from research institutes, academia, and students as well as for industry professionals

    Exopolysaccharides of Halophilic Microorganisms: An Overview. Alkaliphilic Bacteria and Thermophilic Actinomyceytes as New Sources of Antimicrobial Compounds. Industrial Production and Applications of Yeast and Yeast Products. Industrial Applications of Biosurfactants. Halophiles: Pharmaceutical Potential and Biotechnological Applications. Cyclodextrin Glycosyl Transferase (CGTase): An Overview of Their Production and Biotechnological Applications. Industrial Applications of Fungal Chitinases: An Update. Proteases from Thermophiles and Their Industrial Importance. Proteases in Leather Processing. Genetic Enhancement of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for First and Second Generation Ethanol Production. . Biological System as Reactor for the Production of Biodegradable Thermoplastics, Polyhydroxyalkanoates. Hydrothermal and Thermochemical Synthesis of Bio-Oil from Lignocellulosic Biomass: Composition, Engineering and Catalytic Upgrading. Advances in Eco-Friendly Pre-Treatment Methods and Utilization of Agro-Based Lignocelluloses. Anaerobic Bioreactors for the Treatment of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons.


    Thangadurai, Devarajan | Sangeetha, Jeyabalan|