1st Edition

Industrial Engineering and Management Science Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Science (IEMS 2014), August 8-9, 2014, Hong Kong.

Edited By Garry Lee Copyright 2015

    The 2014 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Science (IEMS 2014) was held August 8-9, 2014, in Hong Kong. This proceedings volume assembles papers from various professionals, leading researchers, engineers, scientists and students and presents innovative ideas and research results focused on Industrial Engineering and Management Science. The papers in this book group around the following topics: Information Technology, Industrial Development and Industrial Engineering and Performance Evaluation.

    Section 1: Information technology
    Design identity system based on product identity and its case studies 
    J. Hu & F. Hu
    Predicting the return of the Japanese stock market with artificial neural network 
    M. Qiu, Y. Song & F. Akagi
    An information system of community home-based elderly service and its application on curriculum design 
    J.H. Zhang
    Multiple-channel and intelligence digital diagnostic system for SFP optical transceiver 
    S. Liu, H. Hong & F.H. Song
    Application of digitization in innovation and preservation of religious art 
    L.Y. Liu
    Mesh figure evaluation method of hydrodynamic torque converter performance 
    A.L.Wang & W.G. Liu

    Section 2: Industrial development and industrial engineering
    Adaptive filtering queueing with approximate fairness 
    J.-P. Yang
    Determining characteristic joints during monotonous tasks with motion sensor 
    S. Okamura, Y. Tontani, Y. Kajiwara & H. Shimakawa
    A system for recognizing IADL using brightness-distribution sensors 
    S. Shimayoshi, Y. Kajiwara & H. Simakawa
    Estimating watering amount with soil moisture sensors to identify farming works 
    S. Nakanishi, K. Yasui, Y. Kajiwara & H. Shimakawa
    An improved 4H-SiC MESFET structure with stepped source field plate 
    H.J. Jia, Z.L. Sun & X.Y. Pei
    High voltage ride through control strategy of PMSG based on multi-modes control 
    W.Y. Yao,W.N. Ma, K. Bai & P. Song
    Design of a 1.5GSPS 5bit folding and interpolating ADC with distributed S/H folding amplifiers in 90nm CMOS technology 
    S.L. Li, H. Hong & S. Liu

    Section 3: Performance evaluation
    Impact of emotional intelligence towards occupational stress 
    C.S. Long & M. Yaacob
    Structural impact of international oil price on China stock market 
    C.H. Li, Y.Q. Zhang, D.W.Wang & H.H. Gao
    Detecting human error symptom of body movement in monotonous work 
    Y. Tontani, Y. Kajiwara & H. Shimakawa
    The design and evaluation of a mobile UI for personalized dietary food selection 
    Y.-C. Liu, Y.-C. Tsou, C.-H. Chen, H.-Y. Chen, Y.-S. Lin & C.-H. Lo
    The credit risk assessment of P2P lending based on BP neural network 
    D.G. Zang, M.Y. Qi & Y.M. Fu
    Introduced trade terms in the domestic trade to promote further development of the integration 
    J.-N. Zhai & W.-B. Zeng
    The efficiency of China‚Äôs urbanization 
    J.Q. Li & H.W. Zhang
    The problems and countermeasures of the logistics financial business of city commercial banks in China 
    H.L. Lu
    Performance evaluation on agricultural convergence development: taking Beijing Agri-Science-City as an example 
    J. Liu, J. Zhao, J.-F. Zhang & J. Gong
    Innovation of MBA teaching mode based on constructivism learning theory 
    T. Wang

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