Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technology : Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technology (ICIEMT 2014), July 10-11, 2014, Shanghai, China book cover
1st Edition

Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technology
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technology (ICIEMT 2014), July 10-11, 2014, Shanghai, China

ISBN 9781138026605
Published March 23, 2015 by CRC Press
218 Pages

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Book Description

The 2014 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technology (ICIEMT 2014) was held July 10-11, 2014 in Shanghai, China. The objective of ICIEMT 2014 was to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics as well as industry professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technology. The program consisted of invited sessions and technical workshops and discussions with eminent speakers, and contributions to this proceedings volume cover a wide range of topics in Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technology.

Table of Contents

A study of the effect of [BPy]PF6 as a flame retardant property on rigid polyurethane foam
Y.W. Li & Y.T. Dong
An effective image segmentation approach based on cellular automata principle
B. Duan, Y. Liu, X.T. Zhang & H. Liu
A markerless 3D glasses try-on system
X.Y. Tan, W. Ding, H.Y.Wang, M. Li & C.H.L. Ji
A structural analysis and optimal design of a Servo Put Thread Machine
L.Z. Sun, J.Q. Wu, Q. Zou & X.Y. Cheng
Study of a new two-component buffer
X.Y. Miao, X.Q. Zhong, Z.H. Qu & F.X.Wei
Industrial engineering applications in China’s logistics industry
Y. Li & Y. Ge
A centralized inventory control strategy in a dual-channel supply chain with a service level influence
Q. Zhang, L. Li, Z.-C. Zhang & S. Zhang
A cellular location algorithm based on ambiguity elimination under the condition of less information
J. Wang, D. Wang, W. Cui & X. Yang
Matching analysis on pilot pressure of multi-way valve in excavator
A.L. Wang, J.Wang & J.B. Han
Effectiveness evaluation method for digital armored equipment system of systems
J. Ren, X. Zheng & C. Wang
The design of a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) boring & milling machine
Z. Weiqin
Research of support time estimation based on RMT parameters of equipment
T.P. Li, Y. Li & Y.L. Qian
A dynamic simulation for a transfer manipulator based on RecurDyn
J.S. Lu, G.B. Feng, H.G. Sun & Y.F. Zhang
Development of complete packaging solution for electric cooker
Q. Liu & H.Y. Song
Research on communication in human resource management
M. Zhai & D.D. Xiao
Research into the risks of outsourcing human resource management
M. Zhai & D.D. Xiao
Optimization method and effect of high-precision models to virtual scene
Y. Gao, W. Xu & F. Gao
Object detection from replay shot in tennis video
Z. Min & Z. Xiaoli
Changes in consumers’ risk perception after dairy safety incidents—A panel data study
X.X. Dong & Z.M. Li
The mathematical model of intelligent transportation system
H.Y. Jiao, F.C. Liang & S.F. Ma
Study on travel decision influencing factors of Chinese domestic residents to Japan
Y.Z. Guo, S.T. Yi, Y. Chen & X.M. Li
Applying a hybrid algorithm of immunity and ant colony in job-shop scheduling
X. Hongquan, Z. Peng & W. Shengmin
Research on a kind of vehicle route scheduling
L.J. Jie, D.X. Mei, Y.X. Ying & Z.X. Yu
A revenue sharing mechanism in VMI&TPL supply chain
Q. Qing, Z. Liu & Z. Shao
CCVDL: Comprehensive computer vulnerability formal description language based-on XML
G.N. Zhang, Z. Tian, C.L.Wang,W.L. Duan & L. Dong
Multi-criteria group decision-making method with multi-granular intuitionistic linguistic fuzzy information
W. Chaohui & W. Jianqiang
Steelite’s market entry mode strategies to India
X.W. Huang
Why did WFOEs replace EJVs as the most popular means of entering China?
X.W. Huang
The evaluation indexes of online shopping logistics service quality based on consumers’ perception and their empirical tests
H. Wei & H. Wan
Literature review on increasing association of modern-day leadership with charisma and inspiration
J. Li & J. Shao
Research on integrated management of schedule and cost in construction projects based on critical chain
Z.J. Jiang & Y.X. Tang
Multi-dimensional attributes based service trust specification in grid resource transactions
L. Pan, H. Wang, R. Li & Y. Cao
Effect of macroeconomic information on bond yields and excess return in China: an affine model
N. Cheng, L. Fan & J. Qiang
The research on a risk prediction network model with hybrid random and fuzzy
Q. Liao, Q.J. Wu & B. Zhang
Military expenditure and security dilemma in China
L. Li, R. Huang & D. Wang
Optimal resource utilization with performance analysis in BWA communication networks
L. Pan, H. Wang, R. Li & Y. Cao
The mechanism and effect of financial promotion in the process of industrial agglomeration and cluster development in China: A discussion based on the economics literature
Y. Xiaowei & X. Jianjun
The relevant research of audit fee and earnings management
Y.J. Li
Application of sustainable building technologies in solar houses
L. Junfan, L.Weimeng, W. Jia & G. Jiaxin
Study on reform of innovative teaching curriculum system on major of environmental engineering
J. Zhang, X.L. Xu, C.C. Li, Y. Wang & N. Liu
A quaternary four-point approximating subdivision scheme
G.Y. Tong, J.Q. Tan & J.Z. Sun
Influences of Chinese and English thinking patterns on Chinese students’ translation
W. Le & A. Jie
A study of cheating at university, and the exam system reform in China
P. Guo, C. Jiang & J. Zhang
Multiple regression analysis of county agro-innovation performance: An empirical research based on a Chinese special public plan
S.H. Zhao, Y.F. Du, Z.B. Li & B.M. Hu
Applying the decision making theory to a Chinese energy case: CNPC Shenzhen LNG project
C. Qin & C. Zhang
Instrumental translation between Chinese and English from the perspective of skopos theory
H.F. Li & Y.Y. Liu
Analyzing the decision making process of Three Gorges Dam project based on western theory
C. Zhang & C. Qin
A case study of expanding business from the US to China: Addressing cross-cultural management
C. Qin & C. Zhang

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