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Industrial Engineering: Challenges in Production and Service Industries

About the Series

This new book series is intended to cover a wide range of subject matter in both production and service industries from an Industrial Engineering perspective. The word production, in this context, may be considered a synonym of the word manufacturing; production is, however, much broader and global, applicable to manufacturing industries as well as to process industries such as petrochemical, mining, and pharmaceutical. Service sector industries, on the other hand, refer to industries such as transportation, health, energy, and banking. Other book series by other publishers, such as Prentice-Hall and Elsevier in Industrial Engineering, have focused on very traditional areas: engineering economy and operations research. This new book series will focus instead on topical application areas such as information processing into the health-care industry, manufacturing economics, and additive manufacturing. The new book series will include books that target the industrial practitioner as well as the reference user and will emphasize both the "how to" type of books as well as books that may be used as texts or references. The series may also include encyclopedias. Examples of targeted titles are: Green Design and Sustainability, Production Economics, Information Processing and Display in the Health Industry, Energy Audit in Industry, Additive Manufacturing, to name just a few.

If you are interested in writing or editing a book for the series or would like more information, please contact Cindy Carelli, [email protected].

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Sustainable Product Design and Development

Sustainable Product Design and Development

1st Edition

By Anoop Desai, Anil Mital
December 04, 2020

This book outlines the process of sustainable product design and development. It presents design guidelines that help prolong the life of a product and minimize its environmental impact. These guidelines specifically enable product design for end-of-life (EoL) objectives such as reuse, recycling ...

Production Economics Evaluating Costs of Operations in Manufacturing and Service Industries

Production Economics: Evaluating Costs of Operations in Manufacturing and Service Industries

1st Edition

By Anoop Desai, Aashi Mital
June 11, 2018

This book serves a unique purpose within the world of engineering. It covers the economics of modern manufacturing and focuses on examining the techniques and methods from a cost perspective. It can be used by both students and professionals alike. The book is useful to students in industrial ...

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