2nd Edition

Industrial Noise Control Fundamentals and Applications, Second Edition

By Douglas H. Bell, Lewis H. Bell Copyright 1994

    Illustrates the latest solutions to real problems occurring in industry, buildings, and communities. Second Edition offers many more 13roblem sets and end-of-chapter exercises as well as up-to-the-minute coverage of new topics.

    "The Nature and Measurement of Sound Physical Acoustics Levels and Spectra Character of Noise Sound Propagation Sound Measurement and Analysis Noise Control Methods Acoustical Materials Acoustical Enclosures Silencers, Mufflers, and Active Noise Control Reverberation Control Vibration Control Basic Sources of Noise: Character and Treatment Fans and Blowers Gas-Jet Noise Gear Noise Additional Topics and Case Histories Environmental Acoustics Sound Control in Buildings Community and Environmental Noise Community and Environmental Noise Regulations Personal Hearing Protection Appendixes Appendix A: The International System of Units Appendix B: Conversion Factors Appendix C: Standards and Procedures Appendix D: Recommended Descriptors and Abreviations Appendix E: Department of Labor Occupational Noise Exposure Standard and Permissible Ultrasonic Treshold Levels Appendix F: Sound Absorption Coefficients of Common Building Materials, Audiences, Seats, Musicians, etc. Appendix G: Noys as a Function of Sound Pressure Level, IP Appendix H: Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies Appendix I: Machines Enclosure Listing Catalog "


    Lewis H. Bell, Douglas H. Bell