1st Edition

Industrial Plasma Engineering Volume 1: Principles

By J Reece Roth Copyright 1995
    554 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book will provide the necessary theoretical background and a description of plasma-related devices and processes that are used industrially for physicists and engineers.
    It is a self-contained introduction to the principles of plasma engineering with comprehensive references. This volume also includes the terminology, jargon and acronyms used in the field of industrial plasma engineering - indexed when they first appear in the text - along with their definitions and a discussion of their meaning. It is aimed at assisting the student in learning key terminology and concepts, and providing the in-service engineer or scientist with a technical glossary. An extensive index and appendices enhance the value of this book as a key reference source. These incorporate a list of the nomenclature used in mathematical expressions in the text, physical constants, and often-used plasma formulae. SI units are used throughout.
    Intended for students from all engineering and physical science disciplines, and as a reference source by in-service engineers.
    * basic information on plasma physics and the physical processes important in industrial plasmas
    * sources of ion and electron beams and ionizing radiation used in industrial applications
    * physics and technology of DC and RF electrical discharges.

    Introduction: Organization of text; Long-term global energy issues; The social role of industrial plasma engineering; Important definitions; Historical development of plasma physics and engineering; Plasma physics regimes and issues; Professional interactions in plasma science. The kinetic theory of gases: Measurement of high vacuum; Particle distribution functions; Particle collisions; Kinetic characteristics in the hard-sphere model; Direct transport phenomena. Motion of charges in electric and magnetic fields: Charged particle motion in electric fields; Charged particle motion in magnetic fields; Charged particle motion in steady electric and magnetic fields; Charged particle motion in slowly varying electric or magnetic fields; Relativistic charged particle motion; Theory of planar diodes; Relativistic planar diode; Theory of cylindrical diodes. Characteristics of plasma: Bulk properties of plasma; Quasi-neutrality of plasma; Electrostatic Boltzmann (barometric) equation; Simple electrostatic plasma sheaths; Plasma frequency; Saha equation; Diffusive transport in plasmas; Electron collision frequency; Low pressure electrical discharge; Plasma power supplies. Electron sources and beams: Thermionic emission sources; Photoelectric emission sources; Field emission sources; Hollow cathode sources; Secondary electron emission sources; Source and beam characteristics; Charged particle beam transport. Ion sources and beams: Characteristics of ion sources; Figures of merit of ion sources; Ion source performance parameters; Ion source design; Kaufman ion source; Penning discharge sources; Beam-plasma ion sources; Von Ardenne ion sources; Freeman ion source; Miscellaneous ion sources; Surface ionization sources. Ionizing ratiation sources: Non-relativistic cyclotron; Relativistic cyclotron; Relativistic betatron; The synchrotron; Inductive spherical pinch; Resistive spherical pinch; Plasma focus. Dark electrical discharges in gases: Background ionization; Saturation regime; Townsend regime; Corona discharges; Corona sources; Electrical breakdown. DC electrical glow discharges in gases: Phenomenology of DC glow discharges; Theory of DC glow discharges; Theory of moving striations; Theory of DC plasma sheaths; DC glow discharge plasma sources; Characteristics of glow discharge reactors; Issues of glow discharge physics. DC electrical arc discharges in gases: The arc regime; Phenomenology of electrical arcs; Physical processes in electrical arcs; Examples of arc operation; Power supplies for electrical arcs; Initiating mechanisms for arcs; Applied arc configurations; Issues in arc physics. Inductive RF electrical discharges in gases: Introduction; Phenomenology of RF-plasma interactions; Skin depth of plasma; Inductive plasma torch; Other methods of generating inductive plasmas. Capacitative RF electrical discharges in gases: Unmagnetized capacitive RF electrical discharges; Magnetized capacitive RF electrical discharges; Theory of RF plasma sheaths; Capacitively coupled RF plasma sources; Examples of capacitive RF plasma reactors; Issues in capacitively coupled reactors; Applications of capacitively coupled reactors. Microwave electrical discharges in gases: Introduction; Electromagnetic propagaion in the collective regime; Microwave breakdown of gases; ECR microwave plasma sources; Non-resonant microwave plasma sources. Appendices: Nomenclature; Physical constants; Useful formulas. Index.


    J Reece Roth

    I enjoyed reading the book and recommend it highly to others as a clearly written, well-illustrated and very informative text, which brings up to date the material in several older classics
    - Fusion Technology