2nd Edition

Industrial Relations Law

By Charles Barrow Copyright 2002
    448 Pages
    by Routledge-Cavendish

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    This book provides a clear, comprehensive and critical account of the industrial relations law that governs the relationship between workers, trade unions, and employers. It aids in understanding the contemporary framework and functioning of industrial relations law.

    Chapter 1 Trade Unions – The Historical Context 1 General reading: Webb, S and Webb, B, The History of Trade Unionism, 2nd edn, 1920; Pelling, H, A History of British Trade Unionism, 5th edn, 1993; Cole, GDH, A Short History of the British Working Class Movement 1789–1947, 2nd edn, 1948; Clegg, H, Fox, A and Thompson, AF, A History of British Trade Unions Since 1889, 1964; Hunt, EH, British Labour History 1815–1914, 1981; Orth, J, Combination and Conspiracy: A Legal History of Trade Unionism 1721–1906, 1991; Hamish Fraser, W, A History of British Trade Unionism 1700 – 1998, 1999; Lewis, R, ‘The historical development of labour law’ (1976) 14 BJIR 1; Hodge, A, ‘The curious history of trade union law’, 1989] Denning LJ 92.; Part 1 The Regulation of Trade Union Internal Affairs; Chapter 2 Trade Union Government and Administration; Chapter 3 and.; Chapter 4 Admission, Discipline and Expulsion I; Chapter 5 Admission, Discipline and Expulsion II; Chapter 6 Union Elections; Chapter 7 Trade Unions and Political Activities 1 For general background, see Ewing, KD, Trade Unions, The Labour Party and the Law, 1982.; Part 2 Freedom Of Association and Collective Bargaining; Chapter 8 Legal Effect of Collective Agreements; Chapter 9 Individual Rights for Union Members and Officials; Chapter 10 Collective Rights for Trade Unions–Recognition; Chapter 11 Collective Rights for Trade Unions – Information and Consultation; Chapter 12 The Right to Associate in Trade Unions; Part 3 Industrial Conflict; Chapter 13 Industrial Action and the Individual Worker; Chapter 14 Civil Liabilities; Chapter 15 Trade Union Immunities; Chapter 16 Union Liability for Industrial Action; Chapter 17 The Conduct of Industrial Disputes;


    Charles Burrow Senior Lecturer in Law, University of North London