1st Edition

Industrial Tribology Sustainable Machinery and Industry 4.0

    336 Pages 185 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Covering energy-saving technologies and how these are incorporated into component design, this book is relevant to many industries, including automotive engineering, and discusses the topical issue of sustainability in industry. This book details recent fundamental developments in the field of tribology in industrial systems.

    Tribology has advanced significantly in recent years. Tribological performance depends on external parameters such as contact pressure at the interface, system temperature, relative speed between bodies and contact behaviour. Through ensuring that mechanisms work in an energy-efficient manner and minimizing wear, engineers should seek to implement the study of tribology to improve the life of machinery within industry. Essential to the study of component design and condition monitoring, the book touches upon topics such as gears, bearings and clutches. Additionally, it discusses tribology’s relation to Industry 4.0 and incorporates the results from cutting-edge research.

    Industrial Tribology: Sustainable Machinery and Industry 4.0 will be of interest to all engineers working in industry and involved in mechanical engineering, material engineering, mechanisms and component design and automotive engineering.

    1. Real Contact Area and Friction: An Overview of Different Approaches

    Marco De Stefano and Alessandro Ruggiero

    2. Non-Edible Biodegradable Plant Oils: The Future of the Lubricant Industry

    Zahid Mushtaq, M. Hanief and Kaleem Ahmad Najar

    3. Static Analysis of Journal Bearing with Bionanolubricants Featuring Three-Layered Nanoadditive Couple Stress Fluids

    Mohammed Shabbir Ahmed, K. Prabhakaran Nair, T.V.V.L.N. Rao and Ali Algahtani

    4. Alternative Industrial Biolubricants: Possible Future for Lubrication

    Ponnekanti Nagendramma

    5. Tribological Performance Involving DOE of an Additively Manufactured Cu-Ni Alloy

    R. Rajesh, Mithun V. Kulkarni, P. Sampathkumaran, S. Anand Kumar, S. Seetharamu and Jitendra Kumar Katiyar

    6. Tribology of Graphene Oxide-Based Multilayered Coatings for Hydrogen Applications

    Prabakaran Saravanan

    7. Analysis of Frictional Stress Variations along Tooth Contact of Spur and Helical Gears

    Santosh S. Patil and Saravanan Karuppanan

    8. Squeaking in Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Scoping Review on a Biotribological Issue

    Alessandro Ruggiero, Marco De Stefano and T.V.V.L.N. Rao

    9. Synovial Lubrication Modeling of Total Hip Replacements Using Musculoskeletal Multibody Dynamics

    Alessandro Ruggiero and Alessandro Sicilia

    10. The Role of Surface Engineering in Tribology

    P. Kumaravelu, Sudheer Reddy Beyanagari, S. Arulvel and Jayakrishna Kandasamy

    11. A Review on Tribological Investigations for Automotive Applications

    Vipin Goyal, Pankaj Kumar, Pradyumn Kumar Arya, Dan Sathiaraj and Girish Verma

    12. Tribology in the Automotive Sector

    Sudheer Reddy Beyanagari, P. Kumaravelu, Dhiraj Kumar Reddy Gongati, Yashwanth Maddini, S. Arulvel and Jayakrishna Kandasamy

    13. Tribocorrosion in the Automotive Sector

    Pravesh Ravi and Jitendra Kumar Katiyar

    14. Numerical Solution of Reynolds Equation for a Compressible Fluid Using Finite Volume Upwind Schemes

    M. Phani Kumar, Pranab Samanta and Naresh Chandra Murmu

    15. Tribological Performance of Optimal Compound-Shaped Texture Profiles for Machine Components

    Nilesh D. Hingawe and Skylab P. Bhore

    16. Case Study: Wear Behavior of Different Seal Materials under Dry-Lubricated Conditions

    Corina Birleanu, Marius Pustan, Cosmin Cosma, Mircea Cioaza and Florin Popa


    Jitendra Kumar Katiyar, J. Paulo Davim