1st Edition

Industrial Unemployment in Germany 1873-1913

By Linda A. Heilman Copyright 1991
    752 Pages
    by Routledge

    760 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1991 this book provides a multi-faceted analysis of German unemployment between 1873 and 1913. It can also be read as an example of social scientific historiography during the fourth quarter of the twentieth century. Finally, the study has value for the comparative perspective it lends to current economic, social, and political turmoil in Germany, Europe, and the United States. While the precise conditions in the USA differ today, there are clearly still lessons to be learned on both sides of the Atlantic from the economic, social, and political dislocation, which accompanied industrial unemployment in Germany between 1873 and 1913.


    Part 1: Methodological Problems Relating to the Study of Industrial Unemployment in Germany 1. Terminological Specifications 2. Periodization, Economic Fluctuations and Historical Change 3. Prehistory, Attitudinal Changes and Unemployment in Germany After 1913 4. Historiograhical Issues Related to Industrial Unemployment Between 1873 and 1913 Part 2: Quantiative Data, The Source of disparities Between the Perception and Realty of Industrial Unemployment 5. Primary Sources: Root of Disparities Between Perceptions of Unemployment and Economic Realty 6. Employment, Wages, Prices and Consumption Patterns as Alternate Indicators of Unemployment 7. Methods of Counting the Unemployed 8. Relief Institutions as Alternate Indicators of Unemployment 9. The Unemployment Problem as Reflected in the 1895 Census Part 3: Determinants of Aggregate Unemployment Levels 10. Seasonal Unemployment 11. Technological Change as a Source of Unemployment 12. The Impact of Political Policy Decisions 13. Collective Protection Against Unemployment 14. A Free Labor Force: Mobility and Unemployment 15. Internal Conditions in the Labor Market and Unemployment 16. Micro-economic Variables in Unemployment Part 4: Measures to Alleviate Industrial Unemployment 17. Self-Help: Individual Versus Collective Efforts to Cope with Unemployment 18. The Roles of Employers' and Employees' Organizations 19. The Role of the State: Public Measures for Dealing with Unemployment Through Welfare and Legislation 20. Public Institutions for the Relief of Unemployment 21. Insurance.


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