1st Edition

Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks Applications, Protocols, and Standards

Edited By V. Çağrı Güngör, Gerhard P. Hancke Copyright 2013
    408 Pages 62 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    406 Pages 62 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The collaborative nature of industrial wireless sensor networks (IWSNs) brings several advantages over traditional wired industrial monitoring and control systems, including self-organization, rapid deployment, flexibility, and inherent intelligent processing. In this regard, IWSNs play a vital role in creating more reliable, efficient, and productive industrial systems, thus improving companies’ competitiveness in the marketplace. Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks: Applications, Protocols, and Standards examines the current state of the art in industrial wireless sensor networks and outlines future directions for research.

    What Are the Main Challenges in Developing IWSN Systems?

    Featuring contributions by researchers around the world, this book explores the software and hardware platforms, protocols, and standards that are needed to address the unique challenges posed by IWSN systems. It offers an in-depth review of emerging and already deployed IWSN applications and technologies, and outlines technical issues and design objectives. In particular, the book covers radio technologies, energy harvesting techniques, and network and resource management. It also discusses issues critical to industrial applications, such as latency, fault tolerance, synchronization, real-time constraints, network security, and cross-layer design. A chapter on standards highlights the need for specific wireless communication standards for industrial applications.

    A Starting Point for Further Research

    Delving into wireless sensor networks from an industrial perspective, this comprehensive work provides readers with a better understanding of the potential advantages and research challenges of IWSN applications. A contemporary reference for anyone working at the cutting edge of industrial automation, communication systems, and networks, it will inspire further exploration in this promising research area.

    Applications of Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Milan Erdelj, Nathalie Mitton, and Enrico Natalizio

    Machine Condition Monitoring with Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Neil W. Bergmann and Liqun Hou

    Wireless Sensor Networks for Intelligent Transportation Applications: A Survey
    Kay-Soon Low and Marc Caesar R. Talampas

    Design Challenges and Objectives in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Johan Åkerberg, Mikael Gidlund, Tomas Lennvall, Krister Landerns, and Mats Björkman

    Resource Management and Scheduling in WSNs Powered by Ambient Energy Harvesting
    Neyre Tekbiyik and Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu

    Energy Harvesting Techniques for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Gurkan Tuna, Vehbi Çağri Güngör, and Kayhan Gulez

    Fault Tolerant Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Ataul Bari, Jin Jiang, and Arunita Jaekel

    Network Architectures for Delay Critical Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Nazif Cihan Tas

    Network Synchronization in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Carlos H. Rentel

    Wireless Control Networks with Real-Time Constraints
    Alphan Ulusoy, Ozgur Gurbuz, and Ahmet Onat

    Medium Access Control and Routing in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Aysegul Tuysuz Erman and Ozlem Durmaz Incel

    QoS-Aware Routing for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Berta Carballido Villaverde, Susan Rea, and Dirk Pesch

    Reliable and Robust Communications in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Sasan Khoshroo, Honggang Wang, and Yalin Wang

    Network Security in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    Nouha Oualha

    Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks in Industrial Applications
    A. Ozan Bicen and Ozgur B. Akan

    Industrial WSN Standards
    Tomas Lennvall, Krister Landernäs, Mikael Gidlund, and Johan Åkerberg


    V. Çağri Güngör is an assistant professor and co-director of the Computer Networks and Mobile Communications Lab at the Department of Computer Engineering at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul, Turkey. Before joining Bahcesehir University, he worked at Eaton Corporation’s Innovation Center in Wisconsin, USA as a project leader. Dr. Güngör has authored more than 50 papers in refereed journals and international conference proceedings, and has been serving as an editor, reviewer, and program committee member to numerous journals and conferences in these areas. He is also a co-recipient of the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics Best Paper Award in 2012.

    Gerhard P. Hancke has been engaged in engineering education, research, and management for more than 37 years. He is the program coordinator for computer engineering at the University of Pretoria and has played a major role in developing this program. He is the founder and head of the Advanced Sensor Networks Group, a collaborative initiative with the Meraka Institute at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), and also collaborates in research projects internationally. He has published more than 150 papers in refereed journals and international conference proceedings. Before joining academia, he was a senior engineer with the South African Atomic Energy Board.

    "... an excellent book edited and coauthored by world-renowned specialists. ... The textbook offers an in-depth state of the art in sensor network technologies for industry applications while also dealing with emerging and already-deployed industrial wireless sensor network applications and technologies. ... All the chapters are easy to read, and hundreds of references are provided at the end of each chapter. ... Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks: Applications, Protocols, and Standards is a valuable tool for students, practicing engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and scientists working in the areas of sensor networks and devices, industrial computer and sensor networks, instrumentation, and electrical and computer engineering."
    —Fernando A. Silva, from IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, December 2014