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Industrial and Systems Engineering Series

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Industrial Engineering has evolved as a major engineering and management discipline, the effective utilization of which has contributed to our increased standard of living through increased productivity, quality of work, and quality of services and improvements in the working environments. The Industrial and Systems Engineering book series provides timely and useful methodologies for achieving increased productivity and quality, competitiveness, globalization of business and for increasing the quality of working life in manufacturing and service industries. This book series should be of value to all industrial engineers and managers, whether they are in profit motivated operations or in other nonprofit fields of activity.

If you are interested in writing or editing a book for the series or would like more information, please contact Cindy Carelli, [email protected].

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Global Advances in Engineering Education

Global Advances in Engineering Education

1st Edition

Edited By J.P. Mohsen, Mohamed Y. Ismail, Hamid R. Parsaei, Waldemar Karwowski
May 23, 2019

 The engineering profession is at a critical juncture that requires reforming engineering education. The supply of engineers is declining whereas the nature of the demand is changing. Formulating a response to these challenges demands the adoption of new and innovative tools and methods for ...

Supply Chain Management and Logistics Innovative Strategies and Practical Solutions

Supply Chain Management and Logistics: Innovative Strategies and Practical Solutions

1st Edition

Edited By Zhe Liang, Wanpracha Art Chaovalitwongse, Leyuan Shi
August 30, 2017

Designed by practitioners for practitioners, Supply Chain Management and Logistics: Innovative Strategies and Practical Solutions provides a wide-spectrum resource on many different aspects involved in supply chain management, including contemporary applications. With contributions from leading ...

Laser and Photonic Systems Design and Integration

Laser and Photonic Systems: Design and Integration

1st Edition

Edited By Shimon Y. Nof, Andrew M. Weiner, Gary J. Cheng
March 29, 2017

New, significant scientific discoveries in laser and photonic technologies, systems perspectives, and integrated design approaches can improve even further the impact in critical areas of challenge. Yet this knowledge is dispersed across several disciplines and research arenas. Laser and Photonic ...

Human Factors in Transportation Social and Technological Evolution Across Maritime, Road, Rail, and Aviation Domains

Human Factors in Transportation: Social and Technological Evolution Across Maritime, Road, Rail, and Aviation Domains

1st Edition

Edited By Giuseppe Di Bucchianico, Andrea Vallicelli, Neville A. Stanton, Steven J. Landry
August 25, 2016

More and more the most traditional and typical applied ergonomics issues of the activities related to sea shipping, vehicle driving, and flying are required to deal with some emerging topics related to the growing automatism and manning reduction, the ICT’s advances and pervasiveness, and the new ...

Ergonomics and Human Factors in Safety Management

Ergonomics and Human Factors in Safety Management

1st Edition

Edited By Pedro Miguel Ferreira Martins Arezes, Paulo Victor Rodrigues de Carvalho
June 21, 2016

Accident prevention is a common thread throughout every aspect of our society. However, even with the most current technological developments, keeping people safe and healthy, both at workplaces and at other daily activities, is still a continual challenge. When it comes to work environments, ...

Manufacturing Productivity in China

Manufacturing Productivity in China

1st Edition

Edited By Li Zheng, Simin Huang, Zhihai Zhang
December 01, 2015

Chinese manufacturing industries continue to impact the world economy. It is important to understand what is happening in China and the uniqueness of Chinese manufacturing industries. Manufacturing Productivity in China brings together a group of authors from academia and industry to give an ...

Managing Professional Service Delivery 9 Rules for Success

Managing Professional Service Delivery: 9 Rules for Success

1st Edition

By Barry M. Mundt, Francis J. Smith, Stephen D. Egan Jr.
June 05, 2014

Although the nature of service delivery varies significantly from profession to profession, the way the service is delivered tends to be fairly consistent among professions—or, at least, it should be. A step-by-step guide, Managing Professional Service Delivery—9 Rules for Success describes in ...

Cultural Factors in Systems Design Decision Making and Action

Cultural Factors in Systems Design: Decision Making and Action

1st Edition

Edited By Robert W. Proctor, Shimon Y. Nof, Yuehwern Yih
October 25, 2011

Cultural factors, in both the narrow sense of different national, racial, and ethnic groups, and in the broader sense of different groups of any type, play major roles in individual and group decisions. Written by an international, interdisciplinary group of experts, Cultural Factors in Systems ...

Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems

Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems

1st Edition

Edited By Yuehwern Yih
December 13, 2010

With rapidly rising healthcare costs directly impacting the economy and quality of life, resolving improvement challenges in areas such as safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equity has become paramount. Using a system engineering perspective, Handbook of ...

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