1st Edition

Industrialisation and Society A Social History, 1830-1951

By Eric Hopkins Copyright 2000
    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    Indusrialisation and Society provides an essential introduction to the effects of industrialisation on British society, from Queen Victoria's reign to the birth of the welfare state in the 1940s.
    This book deals with the remarkable social consequences of the industrial revolution, as Britain changed into an urban society based on industry. As the first nation to undergo an industrial revolution, Britain was also the first to deal with the unprecedented social problems of rapid urbanisation combined with an unparalleled growth in population.
    Industrialisation and Society looks at contemporary ways in which the government and ordinary people tried to cope with these new pressures, and studies their reactions to the unforseen consequences of the steam revolution. In particular, this indispensable book considers:
    * the Victorian inheritance
    * Edwardian England and the Liberal reforms
    * the two world wars
    * the Welfare State.

    Introduction, Eric Hopkins; Chapter 1 The Victorian inheritance, Eric Hopkins; Chapter 2 The mid-century years, Eric Hopkins; Chapter 3 After equipoise, Eric Hopkins; Chapter 4 Industrial change and the countryside, 1830–1951, Eric Hopkins; Chapter 5 The challenge from the left, Eric Hopkins; Chapter 6 Edwardian England and the Liberal reforms, Eric Hopkins; Chapter 7 The Great War, 1914–18, Eric Hopkins; Chapter 8 The inter-war years, 1918–39, Eric Hopkins; Chapter 9 War and the coming of the Welfare State, Eric Hopkins; Chapter 102 Envoi, Eric Hopkins;


    Eric Hopkins is Senior Research fellow in Economic and Social History and Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Research in arts and Social Sciences at Birmingham University. He has published widely, and his books include The Rise and Decline of the English Working Classes, 1918-1990 (1991)

    `The books is useful in helping to appreciate the social circumstances in which businessmen operated and the role they played in helping to create them. - Geoff Timmins, Business History, 2001