1st Edition

Industry 4.0 with Modern Technology Proceedings of the International Conference on Emerging trends in Engineering and Technology, Industry 4.0 (ETETI-2023)

    This volume contains the papers presented at International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology-Industry 4.0 (ETETI-2023) being organized by the prestigious Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Sarang (An Autonomous institute of Govt of Odisha), India, during 6th and 7th May 2023.

    1. Design of integrated visible light communication-free space optics under diverse climate conditions
    2. Exploration of strength properties of stabilized black cotton soil using bamboo leaf as biomass
    3. Response of asymmetric building under different soil-foundation conditions incorporating soil structure interaction
    4. Laboratory investigation of aggregates in gardez city for road construction suitability
    5. Optical absorption and FTIR analysis of ZnS/PVK nano-composites
    6. Load sharing between group of two floating granular piled rafts - an analytical study
    7. An integrated approach to explore the suitability of surface water for drinking purposes in Mahanadi basin, Odisha
    8. A comparative performance study on fly ash based geopolymer by varying activator and class of base material
    9. A smart scheduling: an integrated framework under cloud computing environment
    10. Studying wind effect on high-rise building with different cross-section
    11. Modelling of preforming design criteria: closed-die forging of axi-symmetrical cylindrical aluminum preforms
    12. The influence of carbon content on low-carbon steel corrosion rates in water cooling synthesis
    13. Effect of cross anisotropy of pavement materials on flexible pavement response subjected to various subgrade modulus
    14. Performance evaluation of four-lobed powder lubricated bearing
    15. Comparative seismic assessment of existing structures using P-delta effect in Indian context
    16. Innovative cement-free concrete utilizing 100% recycled aggregates for sustainable construction
    17. Study on effect of damage location and severity on dynamic behavior of multi-storey steel framed structure
    18. Performance analysis of internal fin concentric pipe heat exchangers
    19. Fault detection of rolling bearing using artificial neural network and differential evolution algorithm
    20. Application of machine learning models in Mahanadi River basin, Odisha for prediction of flood
    21. Hydraulic conveying through the slurry pipeline: environment-friendly safe disposal of Indian coal fly ash
    22. Study and prediction of built-up land use for Bhubaneswar and its corresponding effects
    23. Streamflow prediction in a river using twin support vector regression and extreme learning machine
    24. Seismic stability analysis of a small scaled hill slope reinforced with geogrid
    25. Role of additive and fine particle addition in the rheology of coarse bauxite slurry
    26. Experimental research on the flexural strength of strengthened composite beams
    27. Impact of marble powder, silica fume, and steel fiber on fresh and hardened attributes of cement concrete
    28. Waste plastic management and utilization in road construction: a review
    29. Seismic response analysis and evaluation of vibration control of high-rise structure
    30. Heat transfer analysis during the turning process under an air-assisted water-cooling environment
    31. Performance evaluation of various concrete mixes: A new mix proportioning methodology for high-volume fly ash based concrete design mixes
    32. Investigation on compressive strength of ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) under autoclave curing
    33. Study on mechanical performances of polyester composites filled with pistachio shell particle
    34. Mechanical and tribological characterization of AA5083 reinforced with boron carbide and titanium diboride
    35. Buckling analysis of FG plates using FEA 188
    36. Skin conductance based mental stress analysis using cross validation
    37. An investigation study on water quality of few lakes of Bengaluru
    38. Design and implementation of a cost-effective smart dustbin for segregating wet and dry waste
    39. A study on abnormal medical image classification
    40. Studies on direct drop mode of atomization in a spinning cup
    41. A comparative analysis on energy efficient narrow band-IoT technology
    42. Investigations of the physical and antibacterial properties of vitamin e-enriched lemongrass oil nano emulsions
    43. Artificial intelligence based double fed induction machine controlled pumped storage turbine – A Critical Review
    44. Understanding the link between above ground biomass and vegetative indices: an artificial neural network and regression modelling approach
    45. Design and fabrication of BLDC motor operated portable grass cutter
    46. Rheological and mechanical properties of different types of lightweight aggregate concrete
    47. On game theory integrated particle swarm optimization for crack detection in cantilever beams
    48. Evaluating chloride resistance of high strength recycled aggregate concrete integrating metakaolin
    49. Hydration kinetics and stability study of pure phases of cement clinker with the addition of SCMs and dopants 50. Performance evaluation of quality of service parameters of proposed hybrid TLPD-ALB-RASA scheduling algorithm in cloud computing environment
    51. Design and development of concrete paver block using waste tyre rubber
    52. Effect of permeability property of micro concrete on durability of concrete repair
    53. Effect of wood dust filler on mechanical properties of polyester composite
    54. Assessment of conservation potential of sub-watersheds in the
    55. Next generation communication network using NB-IoT 296
    56. Effect of agro waste ash on the mechanical properties of recycled coarse aggregate concrete
    57. Evaluation of expansive soil stabilized with lime and silica fume
    58. Latex Modified Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
    59. Study of indirect tensile strength and cyclic indirect tensile modulus of fiber reinforced cement stabilized fly ash, stone dust and aggregate mixture for pavement application


    Professor Srinivas Sethi is a Professor in Computer Science Engineering & Application, Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Sarang (IGIT, Sarang), India, and has been actively involved in teaching and research since 1997.

    Dr Mufti Mahmud’s research vision is to contribute toward a secure, smart, healthy, and better world to live in. In todays digitized world, converting the everexpanding amount of raw data to smart data, and building predictive, secure and adaptive systems aiming personalized services are essential and challenging, which require cross-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaborations. Toward these goals, Dr Mahmud conducts problem-driven `Brain Informatics research where he works with problem domain experts to find multidisciplinary solutions to real-world problems.

    Dr. Rabinarayan Sethi is affiliated as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IGIT, Sarang, India. He received a PhD degree. His research interests are broadly in the area of Mechanical Vibration, Machinery Condition Monitoring, Engineering Mechanics, M/c Dynamics, Strength of Materials, and Machine Design.

    Sujit Kumar Pradhan is currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang, India.