1st Edition

Industry and Environment in Latin America

Edited By Rhys Jenkins Copyright 2000

    The impact of globalisation on the environment is a much debated issue, reflected in the growing literature on the effects of trade liberalization, the activities of transnational corporations and international finance. Using case-studies from Latin America, this book sets out these debates and presents new empirical evidence on key questions.

    1. Introduction Rhys Jenkins2. Globalization, trade liberalisation and industrial pollution in Latin America Rhys Jenkins3. Mining and the environment in Latin America: the Pollution Haven hypothesis revisited Alyson Warhurst and Nia Hughes-Witcomb4. The diffusion of pollution prevention measures in LDCS: environmental management in Argentine industry Daniel Chudnovsky, Andres Lopez and Valeria Freylejer5. 'Aco Verde': the Brazilian steel industry and environmental performance Jonathon Barton6. Economic liberalisation and the environment - a case-study of the leather industry in Brazil Jan Thomas H. Odegard7. Industrial innovation and environment in the pulp export industry in Brazil Sonia Maria Dalcomuni8. Environmental performance and trade liberalisation in the Mexican textile industry Flor Brown9. Environmental performance in the Mexican chemical fibres industry in the context of an open market Lilia Dominguez-Villalobos10. Environmental assessment of the Mexican steel industry Alfonso Mercado11. Conclusion Rhys Jenkins


    Rhys Jenkins