1st Edition

Infection Prevention and Control Perceptions and Perspectives

Edited By Paul Elliott, Julie Storr, Annette Jeanes Copyright 2016

    This book presents a variety of perceptions of and perspectives on infection prevention and control. In doing this, the chapters will reflect upon challenging and controversial new ways of looking at infection prevention and control aimed at generating both discussion and debate as well as practical solutions.

    With this in mind, the book will aim not only to challenge the existing status quo but also push the frontiers of knowledge, thinking and practice where infection prevention and control is concerned. This is vital when considered in the light of cross infection rates, the number of healthcare providers who are being identified by the Care Quality Commission as falling below acceptable standards of infection prevention and control and the almost compulsive persistent non-adherent behaviours of those involved in the provision of medicine, health, social care and other disciplines related to caring with regards to the undertaking of safe and appropriate standards of infection prevention and control.

    There is no doubt that this book will be challenging with regards to the readers' perceptions and perspectives of infection prevention and control. Where this topic is concerned however, such a challenging approach is vital if the health, safety and well being of individuals is to be positively promoted among all those involved in the health and wellbeing of others.

    Perceptions and Perspectives: An Overview

    The Nightingale's Lament

    The Journey of Empowerment

    Perspectives from the Patient Organisations

    Just Infection Prevention and Control

    Is Outcome Surveillance Really Necessary?

    Quality, Efficiency and Productivity (QEP) in Infection Control

    The Role of Healthcare Culture in Patient Safety or, Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

    Pre-hospital Infection Prevention and Control – Could We Do Better?

    Antibiotics – A Help or Hindrance

    Stereotyping – Putting Things in Little Boxes

    Motivation and Infection Control

    Using Marketing in Infection Control

    Infection Prevention and Control: Can a Narrative Approach Offer New Insights into Individuals Practice?

    Enhancing Our Ability to Influence Behaviour: What Role for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy in Infection Prevention and Control?

    The Student's Perspective

    Infection Prevention and Control Education and Training within the United Kingdom: The Development of an Electronic Learning Experience


    Paul Elliott, Julie Storr, Annette Jeanes

    "Easy to pick up and read in small sections… an interesting approach to the subject as goes beyond the pure science, t has good assessment and reflection opportunities, made to get the reader to think not just do!" - (Highly Commended, Public Health, BMA Medical Book Awards 2016)