1st Edition

Infection, Resistance, and Immunity, Second Edition

By Julius Kreier Copyright 2001

    Designed as an introductory textbook, Infection, Resistance and Immunity provides basic information on the workings of the immunological system and on infectious processes and their control. With sections on immunological disorders, immunization, immunodiagnosis, and epidemiology, it relates immunology to practical problems in medicine. The book includes a section on comparative immunology, introducing students to differences among immunological systems among common species of nonhuman animals. Written for the advanced undergraduate, the focus is on host-parasite interactions—distinguishing this text from other standard texts, which focus on the cellular mechanisms of the immune response.

    Introduction to Infection, Resistance, and Immunity; Samuel J. Black

    Host-Parasite Relationships; Julius P. Kreier

    Constitutive Host Resistance; Cynthia Baldwin

    The Inflammatory Response: A Bridge between the Constitutive and Inducible Systems; Samuel J. Black

    The Inducible System: History of Development of Immunology as a Component Of Host-Parasite Interactions; Ralph A. Sorensen

    The Inducible System: Antigens; Ralph A. Sorensen

    The Inducible Defense System: Antibody Molecules and Antigen-Antibody Reactions; Diane Wallace Taylor

    The Inducible Defense System: The Introduction and Development of the Inducible Defense System; Michael A. Hickey And Diane Wallace Taylor

    Specific Host Resistance: The Effector Mechanisms; Ralph A. Sorensen

    Immunologically Mediated Disease and Allergic Reactions; Kim A. Campbell and Caroline C. Whitacre

    The Host Response to Grafts and Transplantation Immunology; Armead H. Johnson

    The Immunological Systems and Neoplasia; K.A. Schat

    Comparative Immunology; Ian Tizard

    Pathogenicity and Virulence; Lola Winter

    Bacteria; Patrick R. Dugan

    The Viruses; Michael D. Lairmore

    The Parasitic Protozoa and Helminth Worms; F.E.G. Cox

    The Fungi; Lola Winter

    Immunization; Michael F. Para, Susan L. Koletar, and Carter L. Diggs

    Immunological Tests for Diagnosis of Disease and Identification of Molecules; Frank Petersen

    Epidemiology, Disease Transmission, Prevention, and Control; Gabriel A. Schmunis


    Kreier\, Julius