Information, Computer and Application Engineering: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering (ITCAE 2014), Hong Kong, China, 10-11 December 2014, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Information, Computer and Application Engineering

Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering (ITCAE 2014), Hong Kong, China, 10-11 December 2014, 1st Edition

Edited by Hsiang-Chuan Liu, Wen-Pei Sung, Wenli Yao

CRC Press

1,146 pages

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This proceedings volume brings together peer-reviewed papers presented at the International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering, held 10-11 December 2014, in Hong Kong, China. Specific topics under consideration include Computational Intelligence, Computer Science and its Applications, Intelligent Information Processing and Knowledge Engineering, Intelligent Networks and Instruments, Multimedia Signal Processing and Analysis, Intelligent Computer-Aided Design Systems and other related topics.

This book provides readers a state-of-the-art survey of recent innovations and research worldwide in Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering, in so-doing furthering the development and growth of these research fields, strengthening international academic cooperation and communication, and promoting the fruitful exchange of research ideas.

This volume will be of interest to professionals and academics alike, serving as a broad overview of the latest advances in the dynamic field of Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering.

Table of Contents

1. Computer science and application engineering

Design private cloud of SCADA system

Miao Liu, Man Cang Yuan, Chao Sun & Fu Bin Wang

Application of the genetic algorithm in image processing

Y.L. Wang , J.X. Wang & H.B. Kang

Context-aware ubiquitous learning environment framework: Under the capacity model of attention

D. Fu & Q. T. Liu

A simplified method of clutter covariance matrix of 3DT-SAP STAP algorithm based on distributed memory system

Xiao Qing Cheng, Li Ning Gao & Wen Li

Design and implementation of the fixed-point BAQ decompression algorithm based on FPGA

Wen Li, Liang Chen & Xiao Qing Cheng

A new multiple search particle swarm optimization

Qing Wei Li, Gui Huan Yao & Tao Zhang

Present situation and analysis of energy saving and emission reduction in electric power industry

Jing Cheng Zou

Design and application of the patterns of PBL to database curriculum in vocational schools

Hua Yan Li

Design of performance probe architecture for distributed computing system

B. Zeng & R.Wang

An optimal throughput model for multicast routing network

L. Yao, F. Li & W. Hu

An improved flooding protocol based on network coding

Li Na Zhang, Deng Yin Zhang & Ying Tian Ji

A pedestrian detection method based on target tracking

Jun Wei Zhao, Qing Tao Hou, Jing Gang Zhang & Sen Yang

Enterprise human resources management system platform optimization design in the information technology era

Yan Zi Wang & Lei Yun Zhang

High-frequency signal spectrum sensing method via stochastic resonance

W. Mao, D.Y. Zhang & H. Sun

Feedback free distributed video coding rate control algorithm

Deng Yin Zhang & Teng Ma

Coordination strategies of the cloud computing service supply chain based on the service level agreement

Ling Yun Wei & Xiao Han Yang

Design and implementation of brush-less DC motor control system

Long Chen, Zhi Hui Zhang & Jian Jian Luo

Forming of the structure of the investment potential of sustainable development of the city

M.L. Moshkevich & L.V. Sevrukova

Optimization of ramjet fuel control system based on GA-PSO

Hui Xian Huang, Sha Zeng, Wei Juan Zhao & Ren Chen

An approach of group decision making for multi-granularity linguistic term sets based on 2-tuple linguistic aggregation operators

Zhong Min Zhang, Jun Shan Li & Ping Song

An improved algorithm to generate frequency-hopping sequences

Ping Lai, Hang Bai, Yun Lai Huang & Zhen Zhu

A study on the strategy of tourism public service system

Yan Zheng

Optimization of low-voltage load configuration based on minimizing line loss

Xiao Xiao Cheng, Yu Sheng Zheng & Pei Nan Xu

Lattice reduction-aided precoding and detection designs in MIMO two-way relay systems

Lin Wang, Guo Sheng Rui & Hai Bo Zhang

Countermeasures of ideological education work for college graduates in the new period

Yi Ning Lin

Software reliability estimation evaluation method based on markov model

Xiao Zong Zheng, Ying Gou & Gui Xing Wang

Design and implementation of web page calendar based on css and JavaScript

Tao Liu

Recognition and location of circular objects based on machine vision

J. Zhou & D.R. Zhu

Intelligent traffic management platform research and design based on big data

Ling Ling Hu, Xu Xu & Ning Li

Construction and application of multitask-driven teaching model aiming at developing computational thinking—taking Visual Basic.Net programming course as an example

Qing Liu & Ji Ming Zheng

Initial alignment of large azimuth misalignment angle in SINS based on MEP-CKF

Hui Li, Jie Wei Ruan, Fang Zhao & Ji Lin

Modeling on bus production planning system based on assembly to order

R. J. Wu

Light scattering characteristic from particles located on a surface

L. Gong, H. L. Hou & J. L. Zou

Technology-based private enterprises technological innovation case investigation and policy research

Jun Hua Yan

Discussion on the relationship between development of science and technology and vocational education

Zhen Shang

Education technology, Information technology, and Course integration

Ying Song & Jing Sun

Optimize of fuzzy decision tree with software estimation based on genetic algorithm

Ying gou, Xiao Zong zheng & Ting cai

Effective synchronization of data in distributed systems

P. Ocenasek

Analysis of temperature field for the spindle of machining center based on virtual prototyping

T.T. Lou, W.H. He & K. Lin

Disconnector mechanism operating force testing system

Wu Jin Li, Zhang Jun Ye, Jie Chen, Wei Heng Wang, Zheng Yu Yuan, Xuan Yao Wen, Hua Zhang & Song Qi Li

Prototype design of toilet reminders based on Arduino

Tie Cheng Zhang

Research on practical teaching reform of applied undergraduate computer major under the university–enterprise co-cultivation mode

Hang Chen

Literary texts and aesthetic transformation under full media age

Xiao Dan Diao

University library cultural construction under network environment

Xiang Shen Kong

The application 3d animation in electric transmission line construction

Chun He Li, Hong Ming Sha, Gang Liu, Ji Tao Zhu & Xiao Lin Wu

Study of the application of multimedia technology in vocational English teaching reformation

Wei Li

Analysis of the realization of low carbon tourism with the use of internet of things

Ya Nan Li

Research in vocational “web production” course task-driven teaching mode

Feng Yun Liu, Chun Hong Wu, Wen Zhong Xia & Yu Bing Qiao

Application research of the campus library information management system based on 4G network

Ping Liu

Construction of intelligent multi-agent model of virtual resources in cloud computing

Shu Ying Liu

College english teaching reform based on multimedia network technology

Ya Fei Lv

Risk assessment and early warning mechanism research of nature reserve ecological tourism development in China

Yan Mei

Using 3D animation way to show the construction method of the transmission and transformation project

Hong Ming Sha, Ji Tao Zhu, Lei Wang, Jin Hui Liu & Jun Cheng Cui

Innovation and change of marketing management in e-commerce environment

Hai Yu Wang

Data mining-based information extraction research of knowledge software

Pei Jun Wang & Wei Guo

Analysis of modern information technology application in library management

Ying Hui Xu

Innovate moral education in health vocational colleges by means of multimedia

Gui Qing Yang

Mobile devices-based personalized foreign language teaching system research

Ling Yang

Design and implementation of equipment digital demo system based on B/S pattern

S.B. YU, X.M. LI, D. LIU & L. RAO

Study on enterprise happiness management based on dual problem

Shao Zeng Dong & Xiao Ling Wang

Simulation research on a new type of marine steering gear control system

Lei Liu, Jin Yin Du, Yong Yuan Wang & Qing Guo Song

A comparison of part-of-speech tag sets for transition-based dependency parsing

Xiao Yang Chen, Yan Ping Zhao, Jian Yun Shang & Xue Wen Shi

Study on the reasons and countermeasures of college students’ mobile phone media dependence

Xue Ting Liu & Zhi Wei Song

A product review score prediction model based on neural network

Jin Li, Guo Shi Wu, Jia Yin Qi & Yu Su

LED street lamp energy-saving group control strategy based on wireless sensor networks 28

Gong Bo Zhou, Peng Hui Wang, Zhi Xiong Cai & Shi Xiong Xia

Construction and practices of cultivating modes for students’ innovative ability based on robotic technology

Peng Ju Zhao, Fang Qu, Wei Chen, Min Liu, Yi Li, Shi Hua Tong & Ming Hong She

An advanced method for tag ordering and localization in mobile RFID systems

Qian Zhang, Run Zhao & Dong Wang

The audit risk and strategy of an enterprise in an accounting computerization environment

Li Li Liu

An iterated greedy algorithm for the integrated scheduling problem with setup times

Yu Jie Xiao, Yan Zheng & Qiong Jia

Exploration on literary form and value play under the age of multimedia

Xiao Dan Diao

Enhance vocational college counselors’ information literacy in multimedia network background

Yong Hong Tao

Wildfire smoke detection method with YUV-constraint and texture-constraint

W.C Zhang, J. Liu, P. Li & C.Q. Gao

Design of the light information remote monitoring system for sugarcane fields based on zigbee and labview

Xiu Zeng Yang & Li Hui Li

Research on computer modeling approach for children toy products

Xi Yun Li

Design and implementation of cyrillic mongolian syllable text corpus system

Quan Bao

Depth image inpainting for Kinect using joint multi-lateral filter

Lei Ding, Yin He Du, Jing Lv & Chen Qiang Gao

Thoughts on development of chinese digital campus

Bin Liu & Wei Liu

On MOOC applied in English education for English major students

Feng Cun An & Yu Si Wu

The application of all-optical network optimization algorithms based on grooming factor

Su Xia Cui & Yuan Yuan

A secure data storage mechanism for SE-based ticket applications

Jian Chao Luo & Si Yu Zhan

Evaluation method of selecting model for testing equipment for auto based on extension theory

Xiang Wen Dang & Rui Jun Liu

Ideological and political education for college students in new media background

Hong Yu Yang

The evolution of contemporary literature ecology based on new media environment

Qun Ying Gao

Variation of the Chinese language in the context of network culture

Shu Wen Wang

Research on simulation for crash of complete auto based on forming results

Xiang Wen Dang & Rui Jun Liu

A filtering method for audio fingerprint based on multiple measurements

Bin Bin Han, Yong Hong Hou, Lin Zhao & Hua Yu Shen

Study on distributed networked software testing

Y. Yao, Z. P. Ren, C. Y. Zheng & S. Huang

Study on the lag of China’s rural financial development and its coping strategies

Hai Yan Zhou & Yu Chen

Analysis on the development of CDM projects in China

Ling Yu Huang & Xiu Ling Liu

Blue white license plate location method based on openCV

Hong Bin Gao & Qing Ying Wan

Blind detection of JPEG composite image based on quantization noise analysis

Zhi Hong Wang

The status and prospects of photovoltaic power generation

De Jun Xue & Xiao Lin Qiu

The development trend of foreign electric power market and enlightenment

Fang Yun Li & Wei Zhao

On the production of multimedia courseware

Jin Sheng Song

On the current situation of college computer teaching

Ren Fen Liu

An opinion on the development of secondary occupational education

Xin Min Xiong & Ling Zhang

Design and management of intelligent transportation integrated command platform

Hong Ying Li

Explore the application of computer simulation of patients in pediatric respiratory trainee teaching

Xue Jun Zuo

Intelligent property management model build in the era of IOT (Internet Of Things)

Da Jian Hu

Research on campus digital construction and application based on intelligently accessing to teaching resources

Xiao Mao Hou, Ling MA & Qun Hui Zhang

The application of CAI in youth basketball skill training

Yan Long Li

The research of the distance education management system reform based on BPR theory

Zheng Ming Huang

Research on english test reliability and validity assisted by computer technology

Hai Ying Jin

Research on the design of the art classroom teaching aided by computer technology

Chang Sheng Liu

Lean production operator loop design

Guo Feng Yang

Explorations on intelligent and interactive multiscreen integration design

Hao Li, Jie Yang & Jun An Di

Assessment of the effect of team trust on GDISD team efficiency based on the AHP method

Ji Jiao Jiang & Yan Mei Zhang

Research of higher vocational network teaching platform based on B-learning idea

Lu Yan Lai & Fa Hui Gu

Organic design in the digital age

Xin Xiong Liu, Lin Gan & Hai Ping Zhao

Research of the employment-oriented practice teaching system for software engineering

Jian Meng Xie & Xiao Fang Li

The heaviness of function and the lightness of cognition—commenting on a new discussion on p.e. education curriculum reform and what is supposed to be a good p.e. class

Zong Feng Huang & Ya Qing Wei

Study on the interaction of folk custom sports teaching practice and community sports activities

Yu Ting Yang, Yun Sheng Liu & Li Ming Feng

Global asymptotic stability of a kind of third-order differential equations with two delays

Xiao Ping Song

An advanced mobile indoor tracking system based on fingerprint

Yue Cheng Zhang, Dong Wang & Run Zhao

Research on the storage virtualization of SVC in the enterprise data center

Chun Yu Li, Xiao Yuan Peng & Pei Ping Zhu

Application of PSO-SVM model in logistics demand forecasting in Jiujiang

Feng Xiang Ren & Jing Tao

A fast collision detection algorithm based on the hybrid bounding box

W. Zhao, Z. Li & H. Y. Qu

University library in the functional expansion of the digital age

Yan Qiu Wang

The exploration on teaching reform of fire investigation course based on CDIO mode

F. Qu, Y. Y. Cui & X. Wang

Research and application part-of-speech state transition in text categorization

Chong Wei Deng, Ya Nan Zhang, Zhao Peng Meng & Chao Xu

A solution to attribute reduction of formal concept lattices on object set

En Sheng Zhang

The research on environment art design of computer-aided design technology based on expression technique

Ming Xi Yan

Design and implementation workflow management system based on JAVA technology

Wen Fu Zhang

A processing method of voice digital signal based on intelligent algorithm

Li Ya Wang

Research on the exploration and practice of the design of flax fiber art product

Li Jie Qiu

The research on upper bounds of dynamic coloring in planar graphs

Yue Lin & Zhe He Wang

The research on the security of campus network based on core switch

Chang Jun Han

Research on the management mode of high schools based on network information technologies

Jian Bo Yang

The evaluation of ecological stoichiometry characteristics of different forest types

Cheng Yi Jiang

The analysis and countermeasures of the investment and output performance in Maoming Binhai New Area

Qiang Wu

The application of fuzzy estimate based on AHP

Wei Lv

The exploration of university computer practical teaching reform and development

J.X. Wang, Y.L. Wang & W. Pang

2. Information, automotive and education engineering

Neuroethics issues on smart car

Jian Feng Hu

Human capital and new generation migrant workers urbanization in China

Mi Zhou, Guang Sheng Zhang, Xiao Gang Li & Zhang Jing Ye

Engine health monitoring based on remote diagnostics

Cun Jiang Xia

Analysis of location accuracy of low orbit dual-satellites passive location system based on differential method

Gang Li, Cheng Lin Cai & Si Min Li

The design and realization of rotor vibration signal acquisition system based on STM32

Yu Li & Ping Liao

A modeling for reconfigurable control I: Generic component

H.X. Hu, Y.Q. Zheng, Y.F. Sheng, Y. Zhang & C. Shan

Research on agglomerating trend and strategy framework for Guangxi industries

B. Ge & G.Z. Mo

An associative-model of learning resource for dynamic digital publishing

Lei Wu & Qing Fang

Research on deformation by stress of main beam of tower cross arm based on Fiber Bragg Grating

J.Q Li, M. Cao, E. Wang, Z.G. Zhao & C. Li

The innovation of teaching design on the university physical education

Ai Lin Yang

Regression-based execution time prediction in hadoop environment

Xiao Dong Wu, Yu Zhu Zeng & C.T. Zhao

Establishing the quality assurance system, improve the quality of teaching

Xue Mei Zhang

The predictive validity of distance-to-default on financial distress: evidence from Chinese-listed companies

Y.L. Cai & CH. X. Qian

Simple analysis of reactive power compensation technology in electrical automation

Kai Xu & Zhe Wang

Research on factors related to the use of ICT in Chinese higher education

P. Xu

Application of GIS in analysis of geological disasters in space: Taking Fugu county as an example

Xiang Zhi Huo & Xin Hu Li

Research about applied “double-qualified teachers” teachers team building

Hai Xiu Zhang, Cheng Dong Wang & Kun Yao Wang

Application of multimedia technology in the teaching of basketball

Li Li Zhang & Da Zhi Wang

The application of mobile internet technology in artwork online transaction

C. Wang & L. Li

Instruments of tax regulation in a modern tax policy

T.Y. Tkacheva, L.V. Afanasjeva, S.N. Belousova & M.L. Moshkevich

Online path planning for detecting threats of UA V

Wei Zhou, Hong Tao Hou & Bo Hua Li

Innovation of training mode in private undergraduate university

Chen Lei Mao

Research on the innovation of university student management

Xin Guang Ren

Rapid integration solution for online charging management in colleges

Hui Lin Zhang, Su Ping Xie, Yan Xia Li & Qiu Li Tong

Perturbation bounds for eigenspace of generalized extended matrix under additive noise

Qiang Wu

“Province administrating county” financial reform: based on the analysis of shaanxi province

Fan Gu & Miao Miao Li

A study on management of foreign exchange and facilitation of trade investment

Wei Liu & Fang Fang Chen

Research on higher vocational education of Linyi city and harmonious regional economic development

Min Zheng

The research on enhancing self-efficacy in college English learning

Shi Fang Wen & Wen Shuang Bao

Curriculum development of higher vocational college based on employment-orientation

R.J. Wu

Speeding up the development strategy research on modern vocational education

Jun Hua Yan

Functional movement screen test and analysis in Chinese national level men’s gymnastic athletes

Yong Sheng Sun

Enlightenment from Dewey’s moral education philosophy

Ping Zhang & Shao Guang Du

Stratified teaching of water conservancy talents training

Ai Min Gong, Hai Yan Huang, Yong Qiu & Tian Wen Song

Construction of a new university-based financial accounting system financial system

Jian Zhong Tian, Hui Jie Zhu, Chun Bo Wei & Lan Luan

The study enthusiasm of the students learning

Ying Song & Jing Sun

Discussion on students’ education management work in multi-campus universities—taking Harbin University of Science and Technology as an example

Xiao Fei Zhou

Green concept application in low-carbon tourism economy

Zhi Fei Han & Hai Xia Qi

Ways to explore vocational schools building a learning organization

Geng Xin Liu, Ling Tong, Dong Jie Wang & Run Guo Chai

Analysis and design of college students’ ideological and political guidance management system

Dong Mei Sun

A study on higher vocational college libraries’ serving for new rural vocational education

Lu Sun

Transportation development, spatial relation, economic growth: A literature review

Yi Tang

The path exploration on party organization construction of health professional colleges and universities with an aim of excelling in performances

Dong Jie Wang

Analysis of competitive sport talents’ training mode

Wei Wang & Chun Ping Dong

Analysis of higher vocational college students’ cultivation of entrepreneurial ability

Jun Jie Xu & Min Fei Shan

Analysis of artistic gymnastics athletes’ sense of apparatus training methods in sports institutions

Xiao Ping Xu, Xue Song Du & Jia Jin Liu

The application of the green concept in low carbon tourism economy

Nian Ping Zhang

The enlightenments of MOOCs on the teaching of the applied undergraduate English majors in social network environment

Mei Fang Zhang

Research about system based on B/S structure of corporate human resource management

Liang Zhong, Hong Qi Chen & Lei Yun Zhang

The research on enterprise education diversified model architecture for college students

L.P. Yang & W. Wang & D.W. Xu

Computer controlling technology reformed in undergraduate teaching by research and practice of the application-oriented education

Dan Ping Zhang

Kinematic analysis of the Fr. giant. sw. bwd. dbl salto t. to up. arm hang of elite gymnast Cheng Ran on parallel bars

Min Jiang & Wei Jiang

Comparative analysis of knee isokinetic test results between national master athletes and first-grade athletes of male Judo

Ji He Zhou, Shuai Wang & Yun Fei Jiang

Exploration and analysis of legalization approach of college student management

Hao Yu Huang

Discussion on the principles of marx and engels’ moral education

Zhuang Zhuang Zhang

Project-based training programs for exhibition industry students

Hong Li

Strategies of liquidity management for china construction bank

N. Ye

Joint BF-CFS and AdaBoost-REPTree for traffic classification

Yan Shi, Min Wang & Bing Yao Cao

The ways of enhancing applied competence of engineering students in newly founded colleges

Jing Sun & Ying Song

‘Switching cost, perceived value and repurchasing intention—detecting the experiences of Taobao buyers’ online-buying

B. Ge, G.Z. Mo, Q.Fang & W.B. Zhou

An exploration on the intermittent search approach for global optimization

Q. Jia, C. Guo, Y. Zheng & Y.J. Xiao

Influence of culture industries on xi’an economic growth

Qing Mei Jin & Li Zhang

Learning social influence probabilities from consuming behaviors

Ling Geng, Run Zhao & Dong Wang

Basic concepts and techniques of residential landscape design

Jin Ying Liu, Li Xia Song, Xiao Hua Wu & Yuan Ya Guo

Study of enterprise’s integrated financial management mode

Ling Chang

Research on the book binding design based on the concept of low carbon ecology

Hao Kun Ma

Study on diversification strategy based on comparative analysis of haier group and giant group

Xiao Fang Li

Research on the application of interaction design in household appliances

Xi Yun Li

Interdimensional association rules in drug influence research

Long Zhao, Xiao Bing Yang & Kang Jian Wang

The importance of the native language education and learning

Y. J. Cui, Y.S. Wu & F. C. An

Research on open and distance education model in english teaching

Guo Fen Wang

The exploration and practice of continuing education for professional and technical personnel for mechanical manufacturing industry

Tie Jun Zhang, Ying Guan & Yan Zhao

Mallviamobile applications: evaluation of electronic english dictionary on smart phone

Y.L. Liao & L.J. Gao

The analysis of enterprise value drivers based on the eva discounted take the state grid provincial company for example

Hai Peng Sun, Li Ping Lei, Ju Zhang & Yu Luan Huang

Preliminary analysis on the application of two-dimensional gaussian spline function in geomagnetic navigation

Zhi Gang Wang & Chun Sheng Lin

Ceramic art design, design America

Xiu Mei Wu

Research on simulation for auto of border fairing technology stamping

Rui Jun Liu & Xiang Wen Dang

Research on ideological and political education of college students based on new media-based network platform

Da Ming Liu

Thinking of ideological and political education of university students in the internet era

Bao Sheng Guo

Study on data mining for customer relationship management

Li Ping Zhang

Thinking of the art design teaching in higher vocational colleges

Xin Lian Zhu

The quality structure of english teachers in higher vocational colleges from the perspective of “planning of excellent engineers”

Xiang Ying Cao & Xiao Li Leng

Research and countermeasures of english vocabulary teaching in higher vocational colleges

Mu Yu Lin

The current situation and strategy of China’s new energy vehicle development

De Jun Xue & Peng Zhou

Application of circular vortex pattern of the painted pottery

Xiu Mei Wu

Neuroesthetics—the neural basis of art

Jian Feng Hu

Research on control method of retail chain enterprises’ logistics cost

Xiao Yong Li

Study on measures of risk prevention in engineering project

Shou Sheng Zhang

A study on tourism motivation of college students the case of college students in the city of Wuhan, China

Shu Zhang

Construction and research on application of electronic technology in higher vocational linking “3 + 2” staging training courses system

Min Li

Elementary analysis of management innovation of higher education teaching

Ming Hui Zhang

Kinematic analysis on Tkatchev stretched action of elite Chinese male gymnast Chenglong Zhang

Hui Liu

Research on network model of fresh agricultural products cold chain logistics in yunnan province

Xiu Ying Tang, Lin Lin Yang, Li Chang Chen, Jie Shi, Yu Li, Bin Cheng & Jing Wang

Research and design on universities electronic information management system based on ASP .NET


Decision and analysis of liquid cargo replenishment

Wei Deng, Duan Feng Han & Wei Wang

Kinematics analysis of Tkatchev stretched action of gymnastics horizontal bar champion Kai Zou in the 12th national games

Xiu Ling Bian, Ji He Zhou & Zhan Le Gao

Analysis of landscape elements’ application in landscape architecture

Xiao Hua Wu, Jin Ying Liu & Li Xia Song

Research on the relationship between technical & knowledge and cluster innovation performance

Peng Zhao & Fu Zhou Luo

Risk analysis of guizhou wind power project based on low-carbon economy

Li Min Jia & Xun Cao

The research on competitive and complementary of equipment and rubber plastics manufacturing industry

Qiang Feng

The expression and analysis of C- fos protein, Sp1 protein in liver cirrhosis, liver cancer tissue

Jian Guang An

Evaluation of technological innovation capability of equipment manufacturing industry in l province

Yuan Yuan Guo, Xian Chen Jiang & Jie BAI

The synergy mechanism research on diversified coal enterprises based on grounded theory

Xi Min Sun & Xi Luo

Research on students’ innovative entrepreneurial training practice under the tutorial system

Zhe Xin Liu, Bing Han & Zhe Li Liu

The international competition of innovative propaganda poster design for agricultural environmental protection

Rui Lin Lin

A study of the innovative design of knowledge management implementation case

Jing Chen Xie

Current status and future strategy for the application of new technologies in agricultural mechanization

Yun Yu Li & Ming Li

Discussion on management innovation and patterns of the real estate’s construction costs

Li Xia Song, Jin Ying Liu, Gui Zhen Ji & Qin Qin Qiao

A game theory based analysis on the supervision over a public company’s accounting fraud

Xiao Zhou Xu & Zhi Wei Zhang

Developing mode and strategic research for education in universities with industry characteristics—Exemplified by Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

Xin Feng & Jing Yi Sun

On the everlasting charm of A Rose for Emily

Hong Chun Deng

The educational management that mainly centers on teachers

Jing Yi Sun, Lun Wang & Xiao Ping Yu

The application of MOOCs to teacher training in China: Potential, possible problems and countermeasures

Lan Wei & Deng Long Fan

Factor analysis of the development of low-carbon economy in China

Xiao Ling Wang & Xue Chi Zhao

The study of rural primary and middle school students’ ideological and moral construction

Jian Ping Gong

Rehearsal features of movement structure in difficulty-beauty projects

Guang Hua Ren & Bei Wang

Location choice of China’s banking sector in the middle east

Yu Hua Zhao & Tian Jiao Feng

Internet financing: An interpretation from the perspective of management theories and managerial innovation

Zhi Wei Zhang & Xiao Zhou Xu

Cultural similarities and differences between Chinese and Korean pottery

Zhao Hui Zhang

Early 20th century American modern advertising research (1902–1929)—a case study of a century of advertising company McCann

Zhi Yang

Challenges faced by teachers in web-based English teaching context

Y. Zhou

Behaviors of controlling shareholders and corporate governance

Lin Pan

The design and application of the basketball teaching CAI course ware

Han Jiang

The research of building RBAE adult education based on the role model

Mei Bai

The reasonable control analysis of architectural engineering cost

Li Xia Song, Xiao Hua Wu, Li Jun Song & Jun Jie Wang

Some thoughts about information commons – taking Jilin Agricultural University as an example

Qi Wang & Wen Yong Chen

The quality management of landscaping projects

Xiao Hua Wu, Li Xia Song & Jin Ying Liu

To explore the using of financial analysis in enterprise reorganization

Xiao Liang Xu

The analysis of landscape design in housing districts

Jin Ying Liu, Xiao Hua Wu, Yuan Ya Guo & Yuan Yuan

Research of driving force model of city tourism development

Yi Lin Mao

Study on ceramic industry cluster for guangdong province

Geng Zhong Zheng & Qiu Mei Liu

A modeling for reconfigurable control II: procedures of aggregation

H.X. Hu, Y.F. Sheng, Y.Q. Zheng, Y. Zhang & C. Shan

The study on brand development of sports events of artistic gymnastics in china

Yong Sheng Sun, Jia Hui Zou & Wen Sheng Wang

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