1st Edition

Information Networking in Asia

Edited By Hiroaki Higaki, Yoshitaka Shibata, Makoto Takizawa Copyright 2001

    This volume comprises a collection of papers from the 12th international conference on information networking. (ICOIN-12) held in Tokyo 1998. Technical papers on communication networks and distributed systems were presented, along side internet-based electronic commerce network systems, academic research papers, e.g. high-speed communication ATM, multimedia communications and systems, and distributed algorithms.

    1. Routing Strategy 2. Buffer Allocation Scheme 3. Self Detective Congestion Control Scheme 4. LLR Routing 5. Backup Path Sharing 6. Flexible Communication Architecture 7. Multimedia WDM Protocols 8. Priority Assignment for Mutimedia Multipoint-to-point Communication 9. Dynamic Rate Control 10. Analysis of 2 Parallel Queueings 11. The Prototype of Continuous Media File System 12. Distributed Multimedia Computing 13. Remote Joint Application Design Process 14. Web Information Service 15. Effectiveness of ATRAS Information Retrieval System in World-wide Web 16. Extracting HTML Structures 17. Zero Administration 18. Group Communication Protocol 19. Predictive Method of Task Allocation in Stream-based Computing 20. Test Generation of a Communication Protocol in an EFSM model 21. Asynchronous Recovery 22. Distributed Computing 23. The Algebra of Spatio-Temporal Intervals 24. Efficient KDP 25. A Purpose-Oriented Access Control Model 26. Issues in Documented Security Enforcements for Activity Execution in CapaBaseED-AMS


    Hiroaki Higaki, Yoshitaka Shibata, Makoto Takizawa