Information Science and Electronic Engineering : Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Electronic Engineering and Information Science (ICEEIS 2016), January 4-5, 2016, Harbin, China book cover
1st Edition

Information Science and Electronic Engineering
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Electronic Engineering and Information Science (ICEEIS 2016), January 4-5, 2016, Harbin, China

Edited By

Dongxing Wang

ISBN 9781138029873
Published December 14, 2016 by CRC Press
476 Pages

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Book Description

Information Science and Electronic Engineering is a collection of contributions drawn from the International Conference of Electronic Engineering and Information Science (ICEEIS 2016) held January 4-5, 2016 in Harbin, China.

The papers in this proceedings volume cover various topics, including:
- Electronic Engineering
- Information Science and Information Technologies
- Computational Mathematics and Data Mining
- Image Processing and Computer Vision
- Communication and Signal Processing
- Control and Automation of Mechatronics
- Methods, Devices and Systems for Measurement and Monitoring
- Engineering of Weapon Systems
- Mechanical Engineering and Material Science
- Technologies of Processing.

The content of this proceedings volume will be of interest to professionals and academics in the fields of Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Table of Contents

Photocurrent characteristics of organic dye copper phthalocyanine transistors
X.C. Liu, Y.Y. Wang, M. Zhu, Y.S. Zhang & Z.Y. Wang

Current transport mechanism analysis of organic dye copper phthalocyanine thin film transistors
Z.J. Cui, Z.Y. Wang, M. Zhu, Y.S. Zhang & Y.Y. Wang

Design of a fast transient response output-capacitorless LDO
H. You & L. Sun

Designing a 12 bit pipeline ADC based on the CMOS process
C.J. Qiu, H.Y. Liu, M.F. Xiang, M.H. Li & L.Y. Li

Photoelectric properties of organic pigment zinc phthalocyanine Schottky diodes
R.J. Zou, Y.S. Zhang, D.X. Wang, X.Y. Cui, Y. Zhang & Y. Yuan

On two practical student-oriented auxiliary devices for learner autonomy in English
X.T. Wei

Digital decimation filter design for Sigma-Delta ADC
M.X. Song, J.W. Li & Z.Q. Guan

Research on the thermal stability and mechanism of PI/TiO2 nanocomposite film
S.C. Wu & J.H. Yin

A fault-tolerant routing algorithm for NoC based on 2D Mesh
S.Y. Jiang, S.S. Jiang, G. Luo, Z. Lu & J. Zhou

20nm and beyond physical design implementation take PR changes
X.J. He & X.L. Hao

Research on intelligent control system of greenhouse planting
M.X. Song & C. Sun

Mechanical properties and toughening mechanism of Csf/SiC ceramic composites
L. Li, H. Tang, P.Z. Dong & F.C. Wang

Establishment of the IOV technology innovation alliances and its influencing factors
W. Wang & X.J. Jia

Geometry modeling program implementation of virtual surgery systems
M.N. Wang, N. Yang & Y.M. Liu

The analysis of Gd/Sm–Mn substitution on the phase composition of strontium ferrite
H.M. Zhang, Z. Wu, Z.W. Yu, L.W. Shan & L.M. Dong

Fabrication and characteristics analysis of a ZnO thin film transistor
S. Zhao, X.C. Liu, D.X. Wang & Y. Yuan

A modified non-maximum suppression algorithm
A.L. Wang, C.Y. Hu, X.M. Liu, Y.J. Iwahori & R. Kang

A modified measure for image quality analysis
A.L. Wang, N. An, X.Y. Wang, K.Y. Jiang & R. Kang

Combination collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm
W.H. Li & K.H. Cheng

Modeling and simulation of extended counting ADC
Q. Guo, N. Chen & L.B. Yao

Numerical simulations for near-field acoustic holographic data extrapolation based on the neural network ELM method
C. Sun, B. Wang, Y.C. Liu, D.W. Sun & D.X. Chen

Research on high quality intelligent test paper generation based on a genetic algorithm
S.M. Gao

Self-tuning descriptor Kalman filter with correlated noise
C.J. Ran & Y.F. Dou

An approach based on support vector regression for single-image super-resolution
H.J. Lin, Q.P. Yuan, Z.H. Chen, X.P. Yang & B.G. Qu

Hand-vein image enhancement based on gradient domain
D. Yu, Z.Y. Wang, X.P. Yang & G.J. Jing

Hand vein recognition based on reference point and NMI
B.G. Qu, X.P. Yang, Z.Y. Wang, X.W. Liu & H.J. Lin

Trade-off performance analysis for SED scheduling in cognitive radios
Y.P. Chen & Y. Shi

A selective diversity cooperative spectrum-sensing algorithm for cognitive radios
Y.P. Chen, Y. Shi, H. Kong & H.G. Fan

An improved image super-resolution reconstruction algorithm based on centralised sparse representation
A.L. Wang, N. An, R.H. Wang & Y.J. Iwahori

The research and implementation of impact point testing based on acoustic target sensors
G.H. Gu, L. Zhang, F. Wang & W.R. Dai

Modelling and simulation of vehicle behaviours based on the social force model
L.Y. Guo, N. Li, X.J. Peng & L. Zhang

Phase locked loop based on reference current under unbalanced and distorted grid
G.J. Jing, Q.P. Yuan, Y.P. Miao, Z.H. Chen, D. Yu & X.P. Yang

Symbol synchronisation algorithm for ZP-OFDM systems based on spectral entropy
X.R. Zhang, Y.H. Dai & X.J. Yang

A property of minimal zero-sum sequences of 2n-1elements in Cn Cn
H.Y. Zhang & W.H. Liu

Performance of particle filtering algorithm employed in dynamic cooperative positioning system
K.X. Tong, S.W. Tian, M.X. Ke & M. Zhu

Effects and countermeasures of network environment on the cultivation of college students
Y. Wang & C.H. Yun

A DC-DC buck regulator for LED lighting with high constant current accuracy
T. Guo, S.M. Huang, H.M. Liu & L. Su

Research and implementation of camera calibration system for machine vision
M.-Y. Zhang, M.-Z. Liu & X.-Q. Li

Research on 5.8 GHz fully integrated low-noise amplifier for electronic toll collection applications
L.L. Cao, H.M. Liu, L. Su, S.M. Huang, W.S. Wang & R.F. Liu

Temperature monitoring system design based on wireless sensor network
Z.Z. Yu & G. Guo

Effect of heat treatment processing on corrosion resistance properties of 00Cr13Ni7Co5Mo4W maraging stainless steel
Y. Jiang, H.M. Zu & Y. Zhang

An integrated CMOS power amplifier for 5.8 GHz RF transceiver of ETC system
X.F. Qu, R.F. Liu, H.M. Liu, L. Su, S.M. Huang & W.S. Wang

An implementation method of filtering mean line in surface roughness measurement
J.B. Xu, S. Wang, Y.G. Xie, X.L. Sun & J.L. Nie

Microstructure characterisation of CrFeCoNiTix high entropy alloys
Y. Jiang, Y. Zhang & H.M. Zu

Electrode optimisation of supercapacitor based on activated carbon
G.Y. Zhang, P.F. Zhao & R. Xu

Design of a three-stage electromagnetic reluctance launcher
L.L. Li, Q. Fang & Y.L. Wang

Research and improvement of text categorisation based on support vector machines
J.B. Xie, Y.J. Hou, G.Y. Xie & G.F. Xie

Vessel traffic flow simulation based on hybrid model combining multi-agent and process modelling
J. Sun, X.F. Yao, J. Bai, S.N. Zhang, B.L. Zhu, G.X. Zheng & F. Wu

Research on HTML5 technology and application mode
C.M. Guo & X.W. Zhu

Technological solution for geographical information services composition based on workflow
G.X. Zheng, J. Bai, S.N. Zhang, J. Sun, J.W. Wang & B.L. Zhu

A new satellite-based method for detection of the marine environment
X.F. Liu, X.Q. Chen, L.H. Chen & C.G. Fan

An input delay approach in guaranteed cost sampled-data control
L.Y. Fan & J.N. Zhang

Contour algorithm based on digital filtering and the quadratic curve fitting
B. Liu, X.H. Qi & W.H. Li

Trap levels in low density polyethylene by photo-stimulated discharge and photoluminescence
X. Yang, Z.H. Yuan, H.Q. Niu, C. Zhu, C.T. Chen & L.J. He

Information integration and realisation on an automatic vehicle identification system
M.Z. Liu, M.N. Qu & C. Li

Exploring exchange pattern of a teacher-student classroom talk
J.F. Pan & J.P. Guo

Research on technological explanation based on practical reasoning
Y. Chen & J.L. Li

Design of a high gain rail-to-rail operational amplifier
M.X. Song & Z.Q. Guan

The optical properties of a-site and oxygen vacancy in KTaO3 crystal
L. Wang, W.L. Yang, H.J. Xiu, J.Q. Lin & H.G. Sun

Research on information management for excellent projects about the counsellors’ work based on a fuzzy evaluation system
Y.K. Zhang, D.M. Liu & H. Li

The design of a humanoid toy robot
Z.B. Cao, M. Zhang & Y.H. Ding

Modelling a complex system based on the hybrid Petri net
Z.B. Cao, P. Xue, B. Wang & M. Zhang

Design of an active water fountain
Y.L. Wang, X.X. Duan & J. Yue

Research on the sensing properties of Giant Magnetostrictive Material (GMM) Terfenol-D based on the Jiles-Atherton model
M.Z. Wu, Y.L. Xiong, L. Zhao, N.K. Ren & S.C. Wang

Research and development of testing aspheric surfaces using two-wavelength interferometer methods
Y. Zhou, T. Shen, B.C. Sun & Y. Feng

Development of magnetic-field sensing technique
Y. Feng, T. Shen, B.C. Sun & H.L. Dai

Research and development of sensors based on the Mach-Zehnder interferometer
B.C. Sun, T. Shen, Y. Feng & H.L. Dai

Research progress in theoretical calculation of polyimide
Y. Wang, J.Q. Lin, W.L. Yang, Z.Z. Li, S.J. Lu & Q.G. Chi

Design of a regular medication reminder device
X.X. Duan, Y.L. Wang & G.F. Zhang

WeChat identification based on network traffic characteristics
C.W. Tian, G.L. Sun, S.X. Zhu & Q. Zhang

Effect of an electronic field on the potential distribution and operating characteristics of organic thin film transistors
Y. Yuan, Z.J. Cui & M. Zhu

Design and implementation of an automatic parking system based on automatic parking intelligent control algorithm
L.Y. Liu, H.Y. Sui, S.L. Meng, R. Pang, X. Yao & L.H. Cui

Design and implementation of an intelligent driving control system based on Arduino
R. Pang, Y. Xiao, S.L. Meng, L.Y. Liu, H.Y. Sui & L.H. Cui

A study of multi-information impact on individuals using the Grey model
P. Xue, Z.B. Cao, P. Shan & M. Zhang

Investigation of evaluating multi-talented individuals based on DEA
P. Shan, Z.B. Cao, P. Xue & M. Zhang

A survey on anonymity for privacy preserving data mining
X.X. Zhang, Q. Liu, D.M. Liu & W. Xie

Research on the suppression of water treeing using additives in a cross-link polyethylene (XLPE) cable
C.M. Li, J. Zhang & F.L. Ma

Based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and feature statistic method for manager features analysis
Q. Zhang & Y.D. Fan

Analysis of the relationship between channel width and Organic Static Induction Transistors (OSITs) characteristics using the potential distribution in channel
S. Zhao, T.T. Jia, D.X. Wang & Y. Yuan

Analysis and calculation of the 3D temperature field of the stator in a submersible motor
M. Zhang, Y.W. Wang, L. Han & Z.B. Cao

Influence of doping concentration and deposition temperature on gauge factor and nonlinearity of polysilicon nanofilm
X.B. Lu, L.H. Cui & M.Y. Ren

Research on the equivalent circuit model of capacitive micromachined gyroscope ith non-ideal factors
G.S. Wang, C. Li, Y.T. Peng & Z.J. Hao

The application of new magnetic sensors for traffic surveillance
J.B. Zheng & A. Liu

Design of multifunctional signal source based on FPGA
P. Wang, C. Liang, M.L. Shao & X. Han

Construction method of moving object trajectory index structure based on CURE algorithm
D.P. Sun & C. Wang

Design of music player based on FPGA
H.T. Zhang, Y.Q. Zhang & B. Yu

Projecting fusion and evaluation for structured light coding fringes
H.B. Wu, X. Wu, Q. Xu, X.M. Sun & X.Y. Yu

A survey on the highlight removal method of specular reflection surfaces
X.M. Sun, P.J. Wang, D. Zhao & Y. Liu

Analysis of optical radiation measurement for the detection of the hepatitis C virus
Y. Hou & J.X. Huang

Designing a LCD motor-meter testing unit
G.X. Zheng

The random forests model of detecting network-based buffer overflow attacks
J.Q. Zhai & Y.Y. Zhou

Development of a temperature and humidity acquisition graphic user interface
Z. Liu, Z. Yu, Z. Liu & K. Wang

Design of a vehicle-mounted medical temperature control system
Z.F. Liu, L.L. Chang, Z.M. Luo & F. Ning

Analysis and research on EEG signals based on HHT algorithm
Z.F. Liu, Q.M. Ying, Z.M. Luo & Y.Y. Fan

Analysis of carriers transport mechanism and characteristics parameters for ZnO thin film transistors
M.Z. Yang, Z.J. Cui & M. Zhu

Non-stationary distortion signals based on wavelet transform
X.Y. Yu, K.P. Zhu & Y.Q. Zhao

Design of high performance folded-cascode operational amplifier
Y. Zhang, J.S. Mei & G.X. Zheng

The design of voltage reference source of sub-threshold CMOS
M.X. Song, Y.W. Cao & D. Sun

A CMOS bandgap reference with high precision
M.X. Song, R. Bi & Y.W. Cao

Design of medication regularly reminding device
X.X. Duan, Y.L. Wang & G.F. Zhang

Implementation of a fall detection system
C.C. Dong & M.Y. Ren

Sensitivity analysis of fluxgate excitation by square wave and experimental verification
C.C. Dong & M.Y. Ren

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Dongxing Wang received a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree from the Harbin University of Science and Technology, and a Ph.D. degree from Chiba University in 1984, 1990, and 1999 respectively. His current research interests include organic semiconductor devices and semiconductor process. Dongxing Wang currently holds a position at Harbin University of Science and Technology as professor.